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Why microfinancing is an essential element in the growth and development of new businesses

Microfinancing can be advantageous in funding and maintaining a new business.



Extending its reach as a potential solution to global poverty, microfinancing was originally intended to serve as a means for those who may have the vision but lack the necessary funds to start or grow their own businesses. As an opportunity to turn creative ideas into potentially lucrative endeavors, it aims to be the solution to the persisting puzzle of monetary deficiency. More importantly, it helps struggling communities in dire need of economic growth and commercial development.

A fundamental asset to business establishments

Business and enterprise are terms often foreign to nations lacking in development, rendering the possibility of success in any industry rife with many impossible challenges and obstacles. To this end, financial expert and firm advocate of microfinancing Sharone Perlstein has been vocal about the advantages and benefits that microfinancing can yield. This comes with good reason of course, as the services can often make the difference in funding and even sustaining a new business.

For starters, microfinancing can provide the necessary monetary support for individuals and companies in remote locations and who may not necessarily have access to important banking services. The reasonably affordable rates attached to these microloans make the transactions even more achievable with his website listing the repayment rate being over 98%. This is a feat in itself, as the more conventional and traditional lending services can sometimes be lower than that.

The challenge faced by microfinance

While many aspire to become successful business owners, the main reason why people fail is simply a lack of both education and experience in business. This is the main challenge microfinancing faces. While the repayment rate is usually high, there are still borrowers who end up with debts and loans that they are unable to repay. Based on Sharone’s website, one way of overcoming this obstacle is through careful education and guidance on wiser expenditure as well as running the business.

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Entrepreneurs living in very far places can keep their businesses running with the help of microfinancing. (Source)

Evolution of microfinancing

With technological advancements on a seemingly perpetual rise, microfinancing continues to not just adapt but also improve with the times. This includes but isn’t necessarily limited to the introduction and continued use of mobile technology, from smartphones to tablets. This alone helps tremendously get past the challenge of logistics and distance when conducting a transaction or maintaining communication between the microfinanciers and their respective borrowers.

It comes as no surprise as to why many business and financial experts like Sharone Perlstein have remained enthusiastic about the approach of microfinancing. With the multitude of possibilities that it holds and its tremendous potential to not just the start and growth of a business but also to the further development of underdeveloped communities, it merely becomes a matter of time before it becomes the main pillar that supports the majority of start-up companies all over the globe.

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