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Opstart and SEED Venture launch tokenization of crowdfunding campaigns

Opstart, an Italian equity crowdfunding portal, decided to rely on SEED Venture blockchain technology and started the tokenization of crowdfunding campaigns. SEED Venture is a smart-contract platform, completely open and decentralized, on the Ethereum blockchain for the financing of startups proposed by intermediaries and/or business partners.



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The Italian crowdfunding portal Opstart and the startup financing platform based on blockchain SEED Venture technology have started the tokenization of crowdfunding campaigns. In the world of crowd investment, tokenization means the process by which one or more shares of a startup are equated to tokens, i.e. digital assets that are easily exchangeable, alternative and/or alongside the shares. 

Thanks to the underlying technology, by their very nature they contain ideal characteristics that make investment in startups in the crowd world accessible – and much more attractive -: liquidability, transparency, immutability. Opstart has decided to rely on the SEED Venture system to make concrete the possibility of exploiting all the unique potential that the blockchain technology will offer in the financial markets, and not only.

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Opstart and SEED Venture partner to make it easier for investors to sell their shares

Giovanpaolo Arioldi, CEO of Opstart, explained: “The main obstacle to the growth of equity crowdfunding is the absence of a secondary market and therefore the illiquidity of the shares. The effort of our team has always been to make it easier for investors to sell their shares. Now, thanks to the collaboration with SEED Venture, we will take a further step in this direction, offering investors the use of the latest frontier of technological innovation, the blockchain. The solution that we have identified with SEED, will allow the tokenization of equity crowdfunding investment shares that can be freely traded with other crypto assets (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Seed etc…), thus making them definitively liquid once converted into ordinary currency, using a virtual currency exchange such as The Rock Trading, whose same equity campaign is currently being collected on Opstart.” 

William Pividori and Sergio De Prisco, founders of SEED Venture, added: “We are thrilled to be able to offer our support to accompany Opstart, an Italian crowdfunding portal that shows in this sense great vision, in this process of tokenizing campaigns both in terms of technological integration and cultural learning in favor of the crowd market: in some ways a new way of approaching the concept of trust, in any case an innovative, and therefore still little known, way of participating in the financing of startups that represent the future of our children.

Opstart was the first crowdfunding portal to implement crowdlisting

Opstart is an equity crowdfunding portal launched in Bergamo in 2015 by Giovanpaolo Arioldi (CEO and General Manager) and Alessandro Arioldi (CTO). With over 16 million collected and 82 campaigns published in 3 years, Opstart is one of the first operational portals in Italy.

In November 2019, Opstart closed a financing round, thanks to which Aleph Finance Group Plc, the investment holding company that owns Pairstech Capital Management, entered the capital. Aleph, through Pairstech, foresees important synergies for the opening to new capital markets in Europe and UK through the development of Crowdbase, a new version of Opstart, aimed at professional and institutional investors. The new platform will offer private debt, crypto asset and STO (Security Token Offering) tools thanks to the implementation of blockchain technology.

Opstart was the first crowdfunding portal to implement crowdlisting, i.e. collection with equity crowdfunding aimed at listing on the Stock Exchange. Last March Opstart presented Crowdre, the portal dedicated to real estate investments. Crowdre is the result of a partnership between Opstart and Leaders, a historic financial consulting firm in Bergamo. It is a new division of Crowdbase dedicated to real estate investments through the financial instrument of equity crowdfunding. The platform allows investors to invest in Italian real estate opportunities and developers to propose their real estate project and raise capital to realize it.

SEED Venture entered the Italian association of startups last September

SEED Venture was founded in 2017 in Switzerland by the Italians William Pividori (CEO) and Sergio De Prisco. SEED Venture is a smart-contract platform, completely open and decentralized, on the Ethereum blockchain for the financing of startups proposed by intermediaries and/or business partners. The platform, represented by its native token called SEED, performs by design the functions of issuing, managing, and transferring tokens for the crowd-investing and venture capital market.

Among the incubators already affiliated are Seedmoney and VZ19 and last September the platform entered in Italy Startup, the Italian association of startups. On September 30th, 2019 SEED Venture listed its SEED token, with which investors can finance the incubator startup baskets. The token was listed on The Rock Trading, the leading Italian platform for buying and selling cryptocurrency or tokens.


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