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Paresa Resort in Phuket gives visitors a taste of heaven

Sitting on the hilltops near Phuket, Thailand, is luxury destination Paresa Resort. It provides a haven for travelers away from the busy city.



Paresa means “the heaven of heavens” in the native Thai language. In their trip, Passport Magazine discovers and shares the wonders of the exclusive Paresa Resort built on the hilltops near Phuket in Thailand.

The luxury resort is 45 minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The airy location immediately whisks the traveler into a private haven far from intrusion, noise, and pollution. Privacy is respected and safeguarded in this elevated luxury hotel which has been seamlessly integrated into the luscious natural environment.

The organic design easily blends the hotel establishment and estate into a mountainous area. Banyan and other trees grow lushly around the resort. From any suite window and the grand terrace, the traveler has a stunning view of the Andaman Sea and its shorelines.

The Paresa Resort has 46 luxurious suites and villas. Every room boasts of modern luxurious amenities like luxurious linens and feather beds. Each one also has an exterior veranda. A traveler can place a duvet or a lounge chair there to sunbathe or just enjoy the view of the attractive landscape. Some of the finest pool suites also have their own individual infinity pools, exterior and interior showers, and lounge chairs. Evening parties and cocktails can be held in the dining room, and the festivities can easily spill over into the exterior balcony.

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The Paresa Resort makes its name as one of the best luxury resorts in Thailand. (Source)

Grand living

The Spa Rooms are designed for those who want a bit of pampering. Each suite has its own infinity pool and exclusive bathroom. It also has a steam room for those who want to break out a good sweat without straining his muscles or even leaving the comfortable rooms.

On the other hand, the Cielo Residences are grander than the rest. These are perfect for vacationers who want to hold large parties and celebrations. The scale of the dining room matches that of the infinity pool. Wine can be stocked to be savored later in the cellar. The fully equipped kitchen can also allow one’s inner chef to surface and whip up exquisite cuisine. What makes this residence different from the rest is the on-call butler who makes sure you have everything you need to have a good time.

Finally, the Four Bedroom Grand Villas are perfect for families with children or groups with a larger number of guests.

The Paresa Resort encourage travelers to take a break and de-stress from their usual work routines. Still, businessmen will find that suites have all have wi-fi access and an iPod dock. Coffee machines are also ever-present to help them get through their meetings or late-night working hours.

The Paresa Resort staff also takes customer service to an entirely new level. The Passport Magazine differentiates them from other hotel staff who can be formal and distant. The Paresa team is perpetually cheerful. The staff exudes the warmth that Thai people are known for. They will also go the extra mile to accommodate the traveler’s requests. One of them is to arrange for day tours around the nearby cities or a guide-led shopping spree in the busy bargain stalls of Phuket.

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