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Top travel consultancy firm Sienna Charles reveals how CEOs travel in style

The super wealthy have specific demands and needs when they are vacationing with friends or families.



CEO travel habits

Ever wonder how CEOs travel with all the money, responsibilities, and little time they have? Where do they like to splurge on and do they like tipping? 

CEOs are incredibly busy persons and most of them take short vacations if at all so it’s no surprise they want to make the most of their down time. , Jaclyn Sienna India, president and founder of the decade-old travel consultancy Sienna Charles, shares to Australian Business Traveler her experience organizing trips for the super rich.

India claims that most of her clients are very specific on their demands and part of her job is to make sure those are met at all costs. In addition, she reveals that the cost of a private plane is often reimbursed as a corporate expense. Mostly, this is because CEOs plan their holidays around their work travel. They also often work during their flights. Add to that, for uber-rich and powerful, safety and security is a concern for them and their families while on vacation so it may be billed as a business expense when they travel with their bodyguards.

The super wealthy also do not care about promos and discounts. They would rather book rooms that they want right from the start instead of getting free upgrades or breakfasts. CEOs also love rooms which have nice views, good light and laden with technology.

India added that most of them express their gratitude via personalized messages instead of lavish gifts.

Luxury resorts CEOs travel

Catering to the super wealthy can be a demanding task even for a professional vacation organizer. (Source)

On the other hand, Crystal—formerly known as Crystal Cruises—revealed that the affluent clients want exclusivity, customizations, and options. Crystal CEO Edie Rodriguez told South China Morning Post that, while not every demand of the client is addressed immediately, she always makes sure to listen to suggestions and ideas from them.

The clients who prefer luxury yachts have also been getting younger. This means a shift in business strategy to serve this emerging market. Gone are the days when yacht voyages extend weeks or even months. They are more laid back now and there are those that even last overnight only.

Technology also plays a big part when VIPs travel as they need to be online most of the time. As expected, communication and social media apps such as Skype, Twitter, and Instagram come in handy when powerful women travel, per Fortune.

Of course, there will be those who have requests that are deemed outrageous. It would only be typical for VIPs who have the money and connections that what they want will be satisfied accordingly. As reported by Yahoo! News, exclusive guests normally shell out $500,000 per visit on Puerto Rico’s Ritz-Carlton Dorado Beach. The amount that these super wealthy people is ready to pay for gives travel organizers ideas how to cash in on the market.

For instance, Abercrombie & Kent is offering private jet tours in Africa worth $83,000 per person. Clients can get to Ethiopia, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, South Africa, and Zambia in just one go. These types of packages make an ordinary traveler shake his or her head in disbelief. However, there is no limit on travel possibilities when money is no objection.

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