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Spotify is expanding its services to Vietnam and Thailand

Spotify is available in more than 60 countries worldwide with 100 million registered users from which 50 million are paying subscribers.



The music podcast and video streaming service, Spotify, is planning to expand its business in Vietnam and Thailand. They have been present on the Asian market from before, operating successfully in Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines.

Sources close to the company confirmed that they are starting operation in these two countries that have combined population of over 160 million and are expanding music markets with a lot of potentials. It’s still uncertain when this venture will start, but it’s speculating that it might even be as soon as this year.

The rumors started when a job posting for ‘music editor’ appeared on Spotify Singapore’s job page for position in Vietnam and Thailand that are based at the company’s Asia Pacific headquarters. The same thing happened in October 2015, when Spotify was hiring music editor for Indonesia, and then launched the service in this country six months later.

Many experts are wondering why Spotify haven’t taken its business to India yet, given the 1.3 billion inhabitants and the fact that it’s becoming one of the top 10 global music markets. Few music streamers such as Gaana, Saavn and Dhingana are already gaining traction in India; and Google Play Music launched there last month.

Spotify is expanding its services to Vietnam and Thailand. (Source)

But, Spotify’s entry into Thailand may not be a smooth sailing after all, since it will have to compete with a few similar companies like Deezer and Line Music. And in Vietnam, Spotify will have to woo music lovers away from ‘nhaccuatui’, a music streaming site operated by NCT Corporation.

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Spotify officially launched in October 2008 in Stockholm, Sweden. It is a ‘freemium’ service which means that the basic features are free with ads, while premium features are offered via paid subscriptions. Spotify is available in more than 60 countries worldwide with 100 million registered users from which 50 million are paying subscribers.

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