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The Weekly Digest: What’s Hot in Affiliate Marketing [1xBet Affiliate Program]

Wanna discover one weird sports betting niche with plenty of low-hanging fruit just waiting for you to exploit? Then read on, because we’re taking a second look at the pickleball craze (we first looked at it last year). But, before you get there, make sure you take a look at our 1xBet Affiliate Program review. You’re gonna need to monetize, so you might as well do it with the best.


on Weekly Digest

Since the dawn of time, man has used the letter X to signify “here’s a good time”.

First, you’ve got the adult industry.

Then you’ve got the liquor industry.

And as for that other great adults-only fun time industry — gaming — let me introduce you to this week’s affiliate program of the week. Affiliate Partner Program of the Week — 1xBet Affiliate Program

With that intro out of the way, it’s time to meet the top affiliate program of the week — the 1xBet Affiliate Program.

Here’s what you need to know.

1xBet Affiliate Program

1xBet Affiliate Program — The Product

Most of you reading this probably know the 1xBet name by now.

And for those that haven’t, first, let me welcome you to the sports betting niche. Wanna know how I knew you were new around here?

That’s simple — 1xBet has been around for over 15 years and is pretty much one of the biggest names when it comes to online sportsbooks. Here are a few key facts and stats to catch you up:

  • 1xBet currently serves 700,000 daily players.
  • 1xBet currently serves 62 countries.
  • 1xBet covers everything from traditional sports betting to eSports, and even a bit of casino (13,000 games).

Now for the bit you really want to know — what you can earn with the 1xBet Affiliate Program.

1xBet Affiliate Program

1xBet Affiliate Program — The Commissions

Predictably enough, when you sign up to the 1xBet Affiliate Program, the default plan will be the same as what you’ll find pretty much everywhere in the industry — rev share.

As for the specifics, you’ll be starting out on 25% with lifetime rev share on the table. As you move up the ranks, the default 1xBet Affiliate Program rev share plan will top out at the 40% mark.

But, as they say, the sky’s the limit. And, as you should expect, the 1xBet Affiliate Program is accommodating. So if you want to negotiate a custom CPA or hybrid plan with your 1xBet Affiliate Program manager, then all you have to do is ask (and maybe have some metrics to make a good case).

1xBet Affiliate Program — Recap

That should do it for now. If you’re looking for more details, check out for our full in-depth 1xBet Affiliate Program review (there are plenty more details there about marketing support, etc.).

Or, if you’re anything like us and you just wanna get down to business, head here to sign up to the 1xBet Affiliate Program.

1xBet Affiliate Program

Affiliate News Takeaways

Pickleball’s Still Booming (Here’s Why You Should’ve Listened to Gary V’s Spidy Senses)

Last year, we covered a story about the apparent pickleball explosion in the US.

At the time, retail sales for pickleball equipment were way up.

Participation rates were exploding, with 85.7% growth reported in 2022.

And, of course, there was that thing about Gary V wanting to get in on the action (along with LeBron James and a bunch of other investors). At the time, Gaz said he got in because “every part of [his] spidey senses told [him] it’s gonna play out.”

Here’s that video again:

Fast forward to today, and we’re two full months into the year. That means, there’s been enough time for the dust to settle on 2023 pickleball stats.

And whaddaya know? The damn thing’s grown!


Turns out, Gary V’s spidey senses were tingling in all the right ways.

Here’s a little chart from Sportico that shows you just how much that tingle translated into something tangible.

If you look closely, you might see something — with last year’s numbers now in, Pickleball is almost as big as that great American pastime, baseball.

Or, to put that growth into a different context, here’s another chart from Sportico detailing the 10 fastest-growing sports in 2023.

Now for some predictions for 2024

As for what this means for 2024, that’s hard to say right now. I went looking for some sort of reliable market report. But all I found was the usual spam cranked out by the market report mills with names like 360 ResearchReports.

With that said, If I were to take a not-so-wild bet, it would probably be pretty safe to say pickleball will continue to experience at least some growth. Maybe not at the same percentage rate as over the last couple of years (but who knows?).

As for why that’s a “not-so-wild bet”, that’s because I did poke around a few more reliable sources for some news. And here, the general trajectory of things seems to be even more growth.

A good case in point here — “A big end-of-year story” that put out last year was “the tennis player invasion.” Apparently, a bunch of pro tennis players are transitioning over to pickleball, with the “biggest fish to date, Jack Sock”, confirmed to be making the switch this year.

That makes for some good news on two fronts.

First, big-name sports stars crossing over can only bring more exposure.

And second…

Well, let’s skip to the takeaway for that.


Alright, as for the other reason why big-name sports stars making the pickleball switch is good news, we first need to get something out in the open.

Pickleball betting is now a thing.

I’ll give you a couple of seconds to figure out what the combination of a booming sport with an increasingly high-profile pro league means.

Got it?

That’s right — pickleball betting is going to become a big thing.

Of course, if you caught our previous 1xBet affiliate program review edition last year, this isn’t news to you.

1xBet Affiliate Program

But what might be news is that the SERPs for anything adjacent to pickleball betting are still wide open.

If you need proof, just take a look at #2 here.

Aside from a landing page that has almost nothing on it, that site has zero content of any sort.

And yet, it’s #2 on Google for a prime pickleball keyword.

And I reckon if you so much as sneezed in that direction, you could probably do a whole lot better.

Just make sure you monetize with the 1xBet Affiliate Program if you do.

1xBet Affiliate Program

Livestream Shopping’s Coming — But So’s Plenty of Other Stuff

If you’ve been following along with what’s tipped to be the next thing to get huge on the internet, then you’ve probably heard of livestream shopping.

And if you haven’t then just imagine this:

But on TikTok:

That’s livestream shopping.

So, why do we care?

Well, admittedly, livestream shopping is only big in China right now.

But here’s the thing — when I say it’s big in China, I mean it’s really big. Like 25% of all eCommerce sales big. To put that percentage into perspective, Amazon, which pretty much defines eCommerce in the U.S., currently has a 37.6% share of the U.S. eCommerce market.

To stick with raw percentage comparisons for the moment, that’s the equivalent of taking two-thirds of Amazon and just dumping it on TikTok/Twitch/wherever.

Now, of course, livestream shopping isn’t actually that big of a thing in Western markets like the U.S. yet. But, there are a bunch of people that are betting it’s about to be.

To give one example, recently discount gift card exchange platform partnered up with livestream social shopping platform They’re betting on a $245 billion livestream shopping market in the next couple of years.

Or, to pick up on something from this week Chinese entrepreneurs are now setting up shop in the U.S. They reckon “livestream shopping is inevitable and are investing in anticipation,” according to the report.

But, of course, this all remains a bit speculative for now.

Yes, there’s plenty of big money betting on the phenomenon taking off in the U.S. But the key word here is betting — it hasn’t quite happened yet.

Here’s Something that’s already happening

If the livestream shopping thing seems inevitable, that’s not just because it’s already big in China — there is, of course, a good argument to make that “big in China” doesn’t translate into “big in the West”.

But, at the same time, there’s another trend that’s been ticking along nicely for a number of years now — digital video replacing TV.

This, of course, isn’t exactly news to anyone.

Nor is it news that the transition to digital has also changed the sort of content we watch. I mean, can you imagine short-form TikToks, or long-form livestream slots players like TrainwrecksTV having much success in the pre-digital age?

So the odds are pretty good that we’re going to keep seeing new formats — including livestream shopping.

The question is, what else are we gonna see?

How about livestreaming Zoom calls?

Naturally, part of what’s changed the sorts of content we watch is that we now watch content differently — some situations are better suited to longer/shorter forms than others.

But the other side of the equation is the actual form that content gets delivered in. YouTube and TikTok are two entirely different beasts, even if they’re both just video.

So that brings me to another bit of news from this week — X has just dropped video into Spaces (its live audio product).

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about X’s live broadcast feature. That’s been a thing for a while now, so it’s not really news anymore.

This is different — it lets the Spaces host broadcast video to the Space.

For now, the video integration is limited to showing only the host’s screen — everyone else will just show up as icons around the video. But, aside from this limitation, it’s probably easiest to just think of this feature as being a bit like livestreaming a Zoom call.

Now, I know that might sound pretty boring.

But hear me out.

Spaces is already kinda ‘big’. (Well, it’s big for a live audio, which theoretically died after that whole Clubhouse thing.)

Once you can throw in some video, however, the interest factor for Spaces kinda grows.

For example, let’s say you want to start a Pickleball Video Spaces stream.

Maybe you pull up some live Pickleball on a nice big screen.

You get a bunch of fans into a Space.

You start streaming, making sure that the pickleball is nice and prominent.

And you get people talking.

Alternatively, if you want to scale this, you could record a conversation.

Then cut it up into a multitrack version where each person is on their own track.

Then you spin up an X account per track.

And now you have a pre-recorded Space that’s gonna look like it’s live.

And as for how you get people clicking on your links — well, I suggest you get a nice short domain for that.

There are still plenty of short, affordable domains available at the time of writing. Here’s one example.

And, naturally, once you’ve got people talking about who they think’s going to win or lose, make sure you drive them to that domain (which will be pre-spammed with your affiliate links).


It seems like 2024’s going to be a big year for new video content and presentation formats to crop up. Maybe livestream shopping will be one. Maybe X Video Spaces will be another.

Whatever it may be, there will be plenty of affiliate opportunities in these spaces — especially if you get in early. That pickleball idea above’s just one idea.

And you’re welcome to take it.

But, if you do, don’t forget to monetize. I hear the 1xBet Affiliate Program is good.

1xBet Affiliate Program

Closing Thought

If you’ve been on the internet for a while, there’s a good chance you’ve run into an XKCD comic or two — it’s been going strong since 2005.

Here’s one of the latest that just cropped up this week.

That, for the record, is called Goodhart’s Law.

Now, for most of us, this is probably pretty much just common sense by now. But, it never hurts to get back to basics. So just for the sake of it, let’s play out an example.

Imagine you have a website filled with 1xBet Affiliate Program links.

Naturally, you want to drive up the size of your monthly commission check. And to help you get there, you set up some metrics to track.

Maybe you track the number of users on your website. And maybe you track the clickthrough rate. And maybe you track a bunch of other stuff.

After a bit of experimenting, you realize that there’s a strong correlation between traffic to your website and the number of conversions you’re getting with your 1xBet Affiliate Program promotion.

And so maybe you’re tempted to make traffic a target.

More instantly equals more conversions, right?

Well, maybe.

But only if you get lucky.

That’s because, like many things, the recipe for “what makes for more conversions” usually isn’t a single-metric affair.

For example, maybe to grow your traffic you go looking for new sources. You find one. It works. Metric goes up. Yay.

But maybe, despite the rising metric, you’re not seeing better returns in your monthly affiliate check. Maybe that source just isn’t interested in what the 1xBet Affiliate Program has to offer.

Maybe you would have got better results by simply optimizing something else for the traffic you already had.

Maybe all it would have taken was to switch out some campaign creatives.

In any case, you don’t win, even though you successfully made the line go up.

Long story short?

Unless it’s the core metric that really matters, don’t make other metrics your target.

And as for what a “core metric that really matters” looks like, well, how about you look at the size of your affiliate checks from the 1xBet Affiliate Program?

1xBet Affiliate Program


(Featured image by SevenStorm JUHASZIMRUS via Pexels)

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