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Heritage and Ecotourism: the Pillars of the New Tourism Strategy of Fez-Meknes

Thanks to an integrated strategic vision, the Fez-Meknes region is consolidating its tourism dynamic by capitalizing on its unique heritage and developing new sectors focused on nature and adventure tourism. Structural public and private investments will support this promising strategy at the dawn of major sporting events to come.




Tourism constitutes a key sector which, combined with crafts given their strong interdependence, contributes significantly to regional economic and social dynamics, through the creation of wealth and jobs. 

The good tourism dynamic recorded in the Fès-Meknes region in recent years has materialized in particular by a notable improvement in the main indicators of the sector, whether it be the number of destinations served, the number of arrivals, number of nights, the number of classified tourist establishments, litter capacity, or even occupancy rates.

This good dynamic was driven by the enlightened vision of His Majesty who, through the royal project to rehabilitate the region’s medinas, made it possible to preserve and enhance an inestimable treasure of national heritage, a factor in attracting tourists from around the world. entire. 

Several structuring projects, included within the framework of the various development programs, have also made it possible to strengthen the prerequisites for the homogeneous and integrated development of the sector, in terms of infrastructure, reception platforms, connectivity, promotion of heritage or even human capital.

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Banking on regional heritage

The new strategic roadmap for the tourism sector 2023-2026, for its part, capitalizes on the region’s achievements and sets ambitious objectives in terms of arrivals, revenues and jobs, in relying on strategic levers aimed at developing a new offer centered on the customer experience and structured around several thematic and transversal sectors, taking advantage of the strengths and potential of each region, thus allowing a differentiated and complementary positioning. 

Drawing on its unique tangible and intangible heritage through its two imperial cities, its 6 historic medinas, its numerous UNESCO world heritage sites, its quality thermal springs, its exceptional biodiversity, its spiritual and artistic influence , the region has all the assets to achieve these new ambitions and strengthen the dynamics observed.

Private investment: a lever for growth in the tourism sector

The private sector also plays a key role in the development of the sector, through significant investment in all links in the tourism value chain, aiming to support the professionalization of the sector and the improvement in the quality of the product offered to ever more demanding tourists in view of the strong national and international competition in the sector.

In this context, the establishment of the new investment charter will make it possible to financially support and accompany the implementation of large-scale tourism projects, thus contributing to strengthening the role of the private sector in the national investment dynamic. and regional.

Nature tourism: new perspectives for the region

The region is resolutely embarking on a new era for nature tourism by launching two ambitious programs that promise to redefine the visitor experience. The first project, with a budget of MAD 734 million, focuses on the development and development of the Ifrane National Park between 2023 and 2027. This action plan includes initiatives such as the regeneration of forests through an intensive reforestation program, the rehabilitation of ecosystems to restore their balance, as well as the development and development of the Ifrane national park.

In addition, environmental awareness and education programs will be activated to promote a sustainable approach to tourism. The second program, with a substantial budget of MAD 265 million, aims to develop tourist circuits allowing you to explore the rich natural heritage of the region. Various actions, such as the creation of eco-responsible accommodation along the trails, the development of tourist and recreational complexes, the enhancement of remarkable natural sites, the rehabilitation of caves for underground tourism, and support for the development of tourism spa resorts, demonstrate an integrated vision of natural tourism.

“We must prepare for upcoming sporting events”

The new prospects available to the region, particularly in the sports sector with the organization of the African Cup of Nations in 2025 and the World Cup in 2030, will make it possible to strengthen the role of the private sector, particularly through the establishment of public-private partnerships for the realization of large-scale projects throughout the tourism ecosystem, in terms of accommodation, catering, entertainment and transport. 

It is a unique opportunity for operators in the sector to demonstrate their know-how, and to fully commit to confirming the region’s place as an essential destination for any tourist wishing to discover the values ​​of hospitality, authenticity, excellence and tradition.


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