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5 ways to unleash your productivity skills in 2018

With a new year nearing, people are looking for ways to improve themselves, including increasing productivity at work.



2018 is just around the corner and it is time to reflect on the past year: what are the things that could have been done better? What are the areas that specifically need to be improved and what are the traits that need to be changed this coming new year?

One of the areas that most people are concerned with is how to improve their productivity. This skill is crucial in everyday life and career. Often, increased productivity is seen as a sign of professionalism, teamwork, and efficiency. Here are five ways to unleash the inner productivity monster in you next year.

Set your goals

Writing down a goal, be it long-term or short-term, is crucial before the new year comes. Goals can be focused on careers, health, business or personal. Realistic and achievable goals take time and it is important to set a timeframe for each goal, too. Expect pitfalls along the way but what is important is sticking with the set goals no matter drawbacks there could be.

Intensify your focus

According to Forbes, to be able to have a laser focus at work, one must need to identify and eliminate the distractions that come with it. First, pinpoint the problems. Then, the next step is to create a strategy to overcome them. Focus requires getting the job done one at a time. Prioritizing urgent tasks over trivial ones should also be on top of the to-do list.

Invest in professional development

One cannot do things if he or she does not know how to do it. Per Inc, learning must always be on top of the goals set by employees whatever position they are in. Professional development gives a chance to acquire new skills and perspective which, consequently, results in effectiveness and efficiency.

Goal setting.

You need to have realistic goals in order to have achievable results. (Source)

Embrace automation

Today’s technology allows automating processes in almost all areas of work. Maximize the potential of apps to work things for you. Whenever possible, always look for ways to automate tasks or processes. There are concerns that robots might take away jobs from humans but in reality that is some unfounded fear. At least for now.

Take a break

Yes, you read that right. Taking necessary breaks could, indeed, lead to an increase in productivity. Taking timeouts can refresh focus to get more done. In a report published by MIT, it revealed that humans naturally experience full focus to physiological fatigue every 90 minutes. A short break allows people’s minds to consolidate and process information, which in turn, recalibrates it to finish what it intends to do. The main lesson is to never underestimate the power of taking small breaks.

Also worth mentioning is to create a routine that works and stick to it. People are creatures of habit. Find out what works and what doesn’t. Eliminate those that bog you down while continue practicing those that inspire you. Develop a sound morning and night ritual. Your success next year could depend on your daily habits.

Angelique Moss is a London-based entrepreneur, writer, and traveller. The world of business, finance, and technology, is her preferred cup of tea. She also writes about the developments and discussions on health, art, luxury and media. A top writer for several Medium publications, she has published hundreds of widely read articles on investing, stocks, global markets, cannabis, and technology for multiple platforms. She is also interested in culture, history, and social affairs.