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Three Valencian startups selected for EIT Health’s Headstart program

EIT Health, selected 89 initiatives throughout Europe, to take part in the Headstart program. The companies will be able to accelerate their projects within a unique ecosystem and will receive financial support of up to $56,000 (€50,000). In total, 16 Spanish initiatives have been selected for the Headstart program, 6 of which are from the biotech sector.



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Three Valencian startups have been selected to participate in Headstart, the program of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology in Health that offers support and funding of up to $56,000 (€50,000) for emerging companies to develop their innovations.

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The Valencian companies selected are Arthex Biotech, ICU Medical Technologies and Serenmind

Arthex Biotech develops RNA-based technology treatments for genetic diseases. The first product in development is ARTHEx-DM1, which targets type 1 muscular dystrophy, an orphan disease.

ICU Medical Technologies offers KronoSafe®, designed to improve temporary cardiac stimulation by reducing the complications associated with this procedure, which is performed more than 200,000 times a year.

Serenmind (ATRIA Technology and Psychology) makes psychological treatments available remotely and translates them into self-guided programs with psycho-educational content, practice tools and, Serena, a chatbot that accompanies the user throughout the process.

89 initiatives throughout Europe were selected by EIT Health

The Valencian companies are part of a total of 89 initiatives selected by EIT Health throughout Europe. The selected companies will be able to accelerate their projects within a unique ecosystem. The EIT Health Headstart program offers mentoring and funding so that these start-up companies can accelerate the development and time to market their innovative products and services to improve the lives of patients and European citizens.

The selected innovations fall into three categories: medical devices (Medtech), biotechnology (Biotech) and digital health (Digital Health), with an exceptional addition this year of a category for solutions against COVID-19.

“This program is the gateway to the EIT Health community that provides not only a small financial support but access to experts, contacts, and knowledge. Last year, the companies selected in Spain for this same program raised nearly $4.5 million (€4 million) and many of them have already brought their products to market,” said Cristina Bescós, Director of EIT Health Spain.

6 out of the 16 selected Spanish initiatives are from the Biotech sector

In total, 16 Spanish initiatives have been selected for the Headstart program, in the four categories mentioned. In the biotechnology or biotech category, 6 companies have been selected.

Arthrex Biotech develops RNA-based technology treatments for genetic diseases. The first product in development is ARTHEx-DM1, which targets muscular dystrophy type 1, an orphan disease.

Droplite Technologies presents a novel intelligent in vitro diagnostic device, which provides accurate test results in 10 minutes for the detection and quantification of specific diseases and health conditions. The innovation is based on an immunoassay biochemical test technique.

Kintsugi Therapeutics has a platform technology to design new molecules, as well as a chemical library of inhibitors for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases and non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH).

Ninevah Therapeutics presents a first class gene therapy capable of treating patients with genetic nephrotic syndrome (NS).

Oxolife is developing a pharmacological product, OXO-001, to increase embryo implantation in female fertility treatment. Through a direct effect on the endometrium, OXO-001 could help achieve pregnancy for a large percentage of women who currently lack optimal fertility treatment.

Indicate develops a fast, inexpensive and reliable blood diagnostic device for the diagnosis of cancer and infectious diseases that can be used when and where needed. The solution aims to enable doctors to make rapid treatment decisions and improve the lives of patients.


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