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4 Traditional Chinese techniques that can take years off your face

Nowadays, the practical implication of the ancient Chinese wisdom sparks a lot of interests in the modern world among women looking for natural ways to stay young and beautiful.



The history of facial rejuvenation and longevity goes back to the ancient Western Zhou period in China when women started to use dietary adjustments to prevent aging and prolong the youthful appearance of the skin.

More advanced herbal therapies for skin care and facial rejuvenation were starting to develop between 770-221 BC when acupuncture techniques were also added to beautification practices and embellishment processes. For many years to come, acupuncture, herbs, and dietary practices have been used to promote beauty, longevity, and health as the art of facial rejuvenation continues to develop.

Today the practical application of ancient wisdom and knowledge sparks a lot of interests in the modern world among Traditional Chinese Medicine proponents, practitioners, and women looking for natural ways to stay young and beautiful.

According to Dr. Mia Hanh, these are some of the most practiced traditional Chinese treatments that offer a holistic approach to anti-aging:

Gua Sha
The Gua sha treatment is a remedial technique that consists of rubbing of an oiled up area of the body with a special instrument while pressing and stroking in one direction. The facial gua sha is a particular type of massage that uses a special tool to trigger and induce the detoxification of the skin and to relax the face muscles. This can result in better blood circulation and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. This treatment is widely known and practiced, especially for developing positive energy and its ability to help with certain aesthetic problems.

The Gua Sha treatment. (Source)

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture
Constitutional Facial Acupuncture is a very thorough and effective process designed to help the face and the whole body both look and feel younger. It involves the use of extra fine gauge filiform acupuncture needles and intradermals. These treatments focus on both heath concerns and beauty, by targeting facial wrinkles, frown lines, eye bags, double chin, and sagging neck, as well as poor digestion, gynecological imbalances, menopause, and sinus congestion, among other syndromes. Constitutional facial acupuncture is a virtually painless method for lessening the indications of the maturing of the skin, with results much more significant than just what is noticeable on the face.

The Constitutional Facial Acupuncture treatment. (Source)

Chinese herbs
Practitioners agree that nowadays Chinese herbs represent an entire medical system that shows effectiveness in skin care regimen while treating a wide range of conditions and epidermal diseases. It’s believed that there are around 6,000 materials qualified to be called Chinese herbs, which include plant, animal and mineral substances.The principal reason why more and more people are turning to these herbs is because of the broad extent of experience that is associated with their application.

The Chinese herbs treatment. (Source)

The cupping technique is a world-famous treatment used by many celebrities and athletes that provide medicinal and aesthetic benefits simply by utilizing flame to make a vacuum within a glass container which is then applied to the skin. The facial cupping technique is specifically designed to lift and rejuvenate the facial muscles while giving them a boost of energy. The procedure includes a soft rubbing of the face tissue which promotes the blood circulation and draining of the lymph nodes. This method is recommended as a powerful anti-wrinkle regimen, which leaves the face looking well-rested and energized.

The facial cupping therapy. (Source)

It seems to be easy for women everywhere to achieve beautiful, young and radiant skin without going under the knife or being exposed to harsh chemicals by utilizing the old Chinese techniques and philosophy. Longevity Eastern Medicine is a perfect place where you can find a high-end quality approach to holistic healthcare that promotes the idea of a total wellbeing for the face, body, and the soul.

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