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Crowdfunding, a Polish Crowdfunding Portal Which Has Raised 275 Million Enters the Italian Market

The success in Poland laid the foundation for’s ambitious expansion plans. The experience gained provides the platform with a solid foundation to explore new markets. On, citizens of the European Union can easily raise funds for any cause: dreams, projects, birthday gifts, needs or charity. Furthermore, the platform uses all European languages.




A new international fundraising platform (donation crowdfunding) arrives on the Italian scene to give the possibility of collecting and donating money in a safe, easy and fast way. This is, which, with its transparent and free model and multilingual interface, opens the doors to Italians to make their dreams come true and support the causes that are close to their hearts.

The Italian donation crowdfunding market

According to, after a decline in donations in 2021, 2022 brought the first signs of recovery in terms of monetary donations and volunteering in Italy. The number of people who declared having donated money to an association at least once during the year rose to 12.8%. The average donation also appears to have increased from 61 euros to 69 euros per year.

The choice can also be seen in terms of collection through crowdfunding. According to , the crowdfunding market in Italy is expected to reach a total transaction value of $14.3 million in 2024. Which shows a recovery after the market slowed down in 2020 and 2022. According to analysts at Statista , “ Italian consumers have shown a growing interest in supporting innovative projects and startups through crowdfunding platforms .”

And precisely the growing interest in donations through crowdfunding was the driving force that pushed the new international crowdfunding platform – – to focus on expansion into the Italian market.

Who is is a crowdfunding platform launched in the European Union in 2023. But the experience behind it is much deeper. was in fact created by, one of the largest crowdfunding platforms and the one that started the fundraising phenomenon in Poland, thanks to which, in 10 years, people have started over a million campaigns and raised more than 276.5 million euros .

This success in Poland laid the foundation for’s ambitious expansion plans. The experience gained provides the platform with a solid foundation to explore new markets.

On, citizens of the European Union can easily raise funds for any cause: dreams, projects, birthday gifts, needs or charity. Furthermore, the platform uses all European languages, so not only is it easy to use for everyone, but it also opens up horizons for “ cross-border ” fundraising, where people using different languages ​​can donate to one cause and every donor he will do it in his own language.

The platform is very easy to use: users can create a fundraiser, go through a short verification and start raising funds in Euro currency within minutes. Best of all, it’s 100% free , with no commissions or fees, and fundraisers can withdraw funds in a snap!

What makes unique

The team of experts at decided to offer European citizens, and Italians in particular, not only their experience in crowdfunding and all the features that help raise money and make it more attractive for supporters, but also a unique model and safe with immediate withdrawal and no commissions for organizers and donors. is in fact the holder of an EU payment service provider license , and therefore guarantees the safety of funds, quickly processing all payments and withdrawals with various payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, Google Pay and Apple Pay for deposits and Visa Direct and MasterCard for withdrawals.

“ We follow the crowdfunding business around the world and have always been amazed by one simple fact: the ‘players’ of this sector, including the most recognizable ones, charge high commissions (from 5% to 15%), and on top of that the Fundraiser organizer can wait up to 14 days to withdraw the funds raised. This is why we are targeting all collectors in the European Union with our model, which has worked so well in Poland ,” says Krzysztof Ilnicki , CTO and vice president of

The verification procedures at are very extensive, which is crucial for the safety of the funds and data of thousands of users. There is no room for fraud or unclear situations. Thanks to this policy, users can always be sure that the cause they want to support is legitimate and organizers can be sure that no one is impersonating them.

The features of also offers all possible forms of collection to allow you to engage donors in the way best suited to the type of campaign in a way that is not only easy, but also pleasant.

Rewards and auctions

In the opinion of an analyst on, “ One of the key trends in the crowdfunding market in Italy is the rise of reward-based crowdfunding .” This is why it is so important to take this into account when organizing a fundraiser. And gives its users the ability to add prizes and even auctions to their crowdfunding campaign.

Rewards can be of various types, such as: physical rewards such as craft or celebrity autographs, tickets, books or CDs, books and CDs that will be created thanks to the money raised through this fundraiser, virtual rewards, subscriptions or unique content. This will definitely make the fundraising idea more attractive and people more likely to support it.

Additionally, allows not only fundraisers to add rewards, but also people who want to support their efforts.

Recurring fundraising

A recurring fundraiser allows the organizer to receive regular monthly donations in addition to a one-time donation. The organizer of such a fundraiser has the opportunity to create a constant and recurring source of income, and donors can receive regular rewards for their donations, that is, access to the author’s content.

Recurring fundraisers are a great option for online creators, such as YouTubers, bloggers, streamers, musicians, podcasters or photographers, but also for NGOs.

Widget – Payment gateway

Payment gateways as a service that enables online payments are much needed solutions. It’s hard to imagine an NGO website without an easy way to donate. Unfortunately, it often comes at a price that can be overwhelming. offers a free alternative.

Any organizer can create a free widget for their fundraiser. The widget acts as a payment gateway which can be customized as per your needs. You can include it in a blog, website, or press release.

Money boxes

The piggy bank on works like an online donation box: friends, family, employees of a particular company, fans of a particular celebrity or people gathered in a Facebook group can donate and see how much money they have raised. The person who creates the piggy bank appears as the organizer and can edit its description, link, and thank you message. All funds collected in the piggy bank are added to the main fundraising balance.

Free and safe crowdfunding across borders

With the free model and the freedom of choice of the fundraiser’s cause, the 4fund team believes that “ this platform is redefining the future of fundraising in Italy and across Europe, and more and more people will be able to achieve their goals, large or small as they are. Because the willingness to help and the satisfaction that comes from it know no boundaries.”


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