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6 ways to write an effective crowdfunding pitch

A crowdfunding pitch is a vital element in getting investors to put their money on your business startup. Here are six strategies to help you get started.



A crowdfunding pitch is a pretty unique piece of writing. Even experienced writers can find a pitch difficult because it’s different than what they’ve needed to write before. A crowdfunding pitch is typically quite short, yet there are still quite a few elements contained in one that can make or break your campaign. Here are six ways to write an effective crowdfunding campaign.

Get the title right

Chances are, people will not read your whole pitch, so don’t expect them to. Get their attention and interest right away with a catchy title. A good title is brief, but creates an impact, and gets your message and goal across. A hard-hitting title that clearly points at your goal is ideal. You want to quickly convey your message in a way that makes people want to read on a bit and find out just exactly what you are up to.

Tell a story

People love a good inspirational story. Think of yourself as a superhero, and this is your origin story, it’s where you’ve come from and the explanation for why you’re doing this. You could talk about how you discovered your passion, overcame a challenge, or began your pursuit of a dream. Answer the questions of who, what, where, when and why. The answer to each one of these questions should reinforce why your product exists and why it’s better than the competition. “Tie your origin story into your campaign, and you’ll have an incredibly captivating and motivating pitch. Don’t go overboard though, a good pitch is a quick pitch. Stay away from long sentences and complex concepts,” advises Joseph Johnson, writer at UKWritings.

Link to your website or blog

As mentioned, don’t ramble on and write a novel in your description. Provide links to your website or blog so people can visit and learn more there. Your pitch should be hard-hitting and brief. Once you’ve got someone motivated and inspired, you want them to take action and donate to your cause, not keep reading and possibly lose that motivation or interest. People often look at a wall of text and decide just not to read it, it’s discouraging, even if they are intrigued by your title. Providing links allows people to further inform themselves about your product or cause if they want, rather than bombarding them with information in your description.

Using a vast array of tools available online can help you make the perfect crowdfunding pitch for your business.

Using a vast array of tools available online can help you make the perfect crowdfunding pitch for your business. (Source)

Use online tools for writing help

Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so do not hesitate to get some help from the professional services like BoomEssays.

Visuals matter

Multimedia can be a huge boost to your crowdfunding page, provided you have quality photos and videos. If you are not experienced with multimedia, hire somebody who is. You’re better off with no visuals rather than uploading some poor quality video and photos. The first 10 seconds of your pitch video is crucial, they make or break your video. Get their attention so that you can give them your pitch, but don’t make your video any longer than about two minutes. Video is a great way of reaching people who don’t feel like reading your description. But don’t just wing it, take some time and develop a script. Practice until you’ve got things down perfect; there’s no need to come off as amateurish.

Keep it friendly, but encourage people to give

Strike a friendly and familiar tone in your writing, write as if you were speaking to a friend. Write naturally, and not as if you were pitching your idea to a grant board. But do remind people that they are invited to donate to your campaign. Reinforce your call to action by explaining how different donation amounts can help you progress towards your goal.

Crowdfunding pitches can be tricky. You need to make an impact and inform, all within a fairly brief format. You have to inspire and motivate action, all while not boring or confusing the reader. The good news is you can make your job a lot easier if you follow a few guidelines. Use these six tips to write an effective crowdfunding pitch.

DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation for writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

Grace Carter is a writer at UKWritings service, where she manages a team of writers, reviews content and develops marketing strategies.