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Wallet feeling light? Give it weight with a motherLODE of gold and silver cryptocurrency on the blockchain

Ever wished you could carry gold ingots and silver coins around in your wallet? With the arrival of LODE’s new cryptocurrency wallet app, you can do that and more: spend and trade gold and silver on the blockchain with the push of a button. And just in time too, as the latest stimulus packages look set to further undermine the dollar and economies print their way out of the pandemic recession.



Stimulus is back on the agenda, and the numbers being thrown around are higher than ever. While this is great news for beleaguered businesses and struggling families’ wallets in the short run, the long term consequences will have to be faced eventually. The dollar will continue to fall, and the stock bubble fueled by the extra liquidity might just pop at the same time. You could wait for your wealth to evaporate, or you could set some aside in secure value storage by investing in gold and silver. And, thanks to LODEpay, these assets don’t need to sit idle. Now, gold and silver can be bought, sold and exchanged digitally on blockchain secured cryptocurrency technology. 

Gold and silver solve the modern investor’s dilemma: where to find value that will last

Many things are uncertain in this world: how fast will the dollar fall? When exactly will Tesla’s bubble pop? Can the vaccine race keep up with Covid-19’s mutations? Only one thing is certain: it is going to be a tough year. And it is likely to get worse. Investors and wealth holders have to be cautious; the times ahead will be full of risk and danger, and security will be hard to find… or will it?

The pandemic already had many rushing to historical value holders like gold and silver bullion. So much so, in fact, that the price of gold rose significantly (though the weakening dollar helped egg that along as well!). Yet, many investors seem to face a tough tradeoff, if they secure their wealth with gold and silver in bulk, those assets cannot be easily used. You cannot head down to Starbucks and shave a slice off your gold ingot to pay for your frappe. But thanks to new digital wallet and blockchain technology from the silver and gold currency ecosystem LODE, you can buy, sell, and trade while keeping your value safe in gold and silver.

LODEpay makes gold and silver security available to all thanks to the blockchain

Another apparent problem with securing wealth in gold and silver is that it is inaccessible to the average person. Bullion sales usually happen in bulk, and it’s easy to figure out why. The expense required to secure, oversee and insure the movement of precious metals makes small scale transactions too costly. This meant that the security and stability offered by gold and silver value storage were only available to the very wealthiest. At least, until now. 

Wealth inequality goes further than just the weight of your wallet. The ability to back your fortune up with hard assets that won’t lose value over time, like gold and silver, gives the millionaires and billionaires a strong advantage. But the LODE community was built to bring that advantage to everyday users. With their digitally tracked, securely stored and insured, vaulted gold and silver, you can easily buy small practical amounts of the precious metals. These are tracked as AUX (gold) and AGX (silver) coins, which can then be redeemed for the corresponding weight of the precious metal: 1 milligram of gold, or 1 gram of silver.

This also opens up a world of possibilities for the use of your gold and silver assets. 

Digital wallet turns gold and silver into a stablecoin cryptocurrency you can count on

Not only is LODEpay putting honest metal assets in the wallets of ordinary consumers and investors, but it also allows them to buy, sell and trade with these coins. In effect, they have combined gold and silver bullion with all of the advantages that cryptocurrencies have to offer: frictionless payments across borders, small and large scale secure transactions, and blockchain safety and traceability. It’s no surprise that with the weakness of traditional currencies, other cryptocurrencies are getting a lot of attention. 

Unfortunately, this attention is translated directly into instability: whether that’s Bitcoin breaking value records before plunging a week later, or a minor gag-currency like DogeCoin catapulting in price after a rogue tweet from Elon Musk. These spikes in price could look attractive to a speculative investor, but anyone hoping for safety, or aiming to buy and spend in the currency, knows these are dangerous impracticalities. This makes many cryptocurrencies just as risky, if not more so, than the dollar, and adds further layers of impracticalities. 

Businesses will have trouble pricing things in Bitcoin when they have to adjust their prices every five minutes… and don’t know how much the cryptocurrency will be worth in a month or more. LODE’s AGX and AUX coins, however, do not face this problem. By backing the digital currency with solid gold and silver, they are creating a genuine stablecoin. And one that is not tied to any currency, all the advantages of blockchain cryptocurrencies, with none of the dangers.

LODEpay is using the blockchain to power a monetary revolution

Want to pay for that coffee with a sliver of silver? Now you can. Wish to sell your products for gold and silver assets that will hold their value (if not grow!)? Absolutely an option. Whether you are a small scale consumer looking for safe and practical gold or silver; a large investor seeking a safe haven for their wealth, or a merchant looking for a way to connect with modern customers around the world without risking your profits; LODEpay is the digital wallet you need. 

It is also the currency revolution we all deserve. With central banks depleting the value of our savings with every run of the printing press, and WallStreet investors’ speculations losing billions for millions, only to leave governments with the bill, an honest currency revolution is long overdue. That is the mission the LODE community and ecosystem have taken on, and their clever combination of the old and the new—hard value metals and blockchain tech—makes it possible. Become a part of it today, add your strength to their momentum, and secure your wealth while doing it. 

(Featured Image by Mark Herpel via Flickr)

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