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How can artificial intelligence make ed-tech industry bloom?

The ed-tech industry can be developed more with AI and, in turn, can improve how schools work.



Education is what you can describe as an odd bird. This is because while it can always be better, it is currently the best it has ever been. As far as learning and development are concerned, the world has been going through amazing developments for the past 200 years. Literacy rates have gone from 12 percent to approx 90 percent around the world.

There has been evident tremendous growth in the primary, secondary as well as tertiary education, in students and in the school system. Advancements in education break record almost annually. The curriculum taught in schools has also evolved. Today, the curriculum focuses on harnessing students who understand more about the world.

One factor that cannot be ignored and has played a huge role in advancements in education is technology. Human and machine is no longer the future but the present. The technology boom has made self-education possible. Technology has turned Wikipedia, TED, Khan Academy as well as YouTube into the biggest free education hubs in the world.

Education technology (ed-tech) came and changed how education is offered in most parts of the world. While tech engineers are yet to create robots that are self-aware, artificial intelligence (AI) technology has been used in a lot of applications which have made day to day life easier. An area AI is expected to impact greatly is the education system.

As much as we are far from creating humanoid bots that will replace teachers, there are numerous projects in the making that will make use of AI to make it easier for teachers and students to get more from their educational experience.

How AI can help in ed-tech

It will save time by taking over record keeping

AI systems can take over grading and record keeping. This means that teachers are left with a lot of free time which can be devoted to students. Currently, a teacher has to find time within their schedule to grade papers, tests, and assignments alongside other types of bookkeeping. When AI is properly implemented, it can step in and help with this kind of work.

It will offer personalized education

AI can help schools in personalizing education for students. There are numerous projects in the making that explore the possibility of using AI to tutor students.

Companies like Socratic, Thinkster Math and Carnegie Learning are leading in developing this new technology. Some companies have created services geared towards aiding students in their homework and areas of mathematics that they may be struggling with.

The good thing about AI services is that it brings students closer to a 1 on 1 teacher-student experience where the student’s weaknesses and strengths are identified. All this is done in a convenient environment. This can go a long way in advancing education since it is possible for a teacher to have this level of connection to every student. The teacher can later step in to help the students in the areas AI has noted the student struggles with.

Mass customization improves the child’s health

If AI supports decentralization and mass customization of education, the schedule used by children can be matched to their sleeping needs. This can be a great way to address the concerns that have long been there about school children and their lack of getting enough sleep.

It incorporates parents in their children’s education

AI will see that parents have a greater responsibility in education. Parents will have to take up roles as curators, coaches as well as guardians as they help their kids to use the different platforms and tools.

It introduces mastery based form of learning

Mastery learning centers on a simple idea. When students deal with subjects like mathematics, they will need previous knowledge if they are to understand the next phase. AI can help ensure that a student only moves on to the next topic after they master all concepts of the current topic. This would be better than the current way children are taught. Mastery learning ensures that the student gets an A not only in their exam but also in how they understand the concepts.

AI does more than data gathering; it can also help personalize learning for students. (Source)

It can help in improving curriculum

It is not possible for teachers to be aware of all the loopholes in their education material or lectures. This can leave the students confused about certain concepts that they have learned. With AI, it is possible to solve these problems.

For instance, if a majority of students submit a wrong answer to a question, the system will bring this to the attention of the teacher. It also the next lot of students who handle this question hints to the right answer.

AI system fills the gaps that may occur in courses. This ensures that all students have the correct foundation concepts. AI also ensures that students are able to get immediate feedback. This makes it easy for them to understand a concept. It also saves time as opposed to waiting for the professor to explain the concept.

It can alter how students get hold of and interact with information

AI plays a huge role in what information people see or find on daily basis. For instance, Google will show results to a user based on their location while Amazon will give product recommendations based on what an individual purchased last time. These intelligent systems play a huge role in how people interact with information. This can also be a common feature when it comes to AI for education. With better, integrated technology, AI can help students to find information related to the niche they are studying for.

AI-powered data can change how schools operate

AI used smart data gathering. This changes how schools interact with current and prospective students. AI can help in recruiting students and even help students in choosing the best courses based on their performance. This is especially important in colleges where intelligent computer systems are in use and have been found to be ideal for the whole college experience.


Without a doubt, AI can do so much to the education technology system if it is properly implemented. There are many companies working on AI programs geared towards helping in creating a better education delivery platform. AI in education will impact both student and teacher positively. This will definitely open up the next level in education development around the world.   

DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation in writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

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