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Connected world: How Wi-Fi can make life easier

There are about 3.26 billion internet users as of December 2015. Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices will make up 68 percent of all internet traffic in 2017.



Our society is growing so reliant on Wi-Fi connectivity that it’s already a daily part of our life. Gone are the days when you needed a dial-up modem to slowly tether your computer to the internet.

Today, it’s not just our computers which are connected wirelessly to Wi-Fi but our other gadgets as well. Thanks to the internet of things, this covers wearable tech to even creating smart homes where simple tasks can be controlled wirelessly with a tap of a finger.

According to statistics, there are about 3.26 billion internet users as of December 2015. In terms of Wi-Fi use, 2017 should be a big year for connectivity as Wi-Fi and mobile-connected devices will make up 68 percent of all internet traffic.

Here’s a look at how Wi-Fi helps make the difference in our daily lives:

Wifi-connected cities

Cities are increasingly becoming modern by offering free public Wi-Fi. However, the problem with this is that public Wi-Fi is not reliable as there are chances of the network being hacked and anyone can access your files to manipulate them. According to the source, cities such as Perth and Tel Aviv have been successful in building reliable Wi-Fi connections at urban and downtown areas which are extremely useful to both residents and tourists.


Connectivity is vital in a world where online networks play a major role. (Source)

Creating more mobile careers

Wifi has led to the rise of more people telecommuting or working from home. This allows freelancers and digital nomads to have a say in their career path and helps them to freely choose their schedules and clients.

Improved connections

Gone are the days when you had to pick up the phone to ask a friend a question. Thanks to Wi-Fi, it has changed the way people communicate with one another. While SMS is still a popular tool that is being used, those who own a smartphone can easily get in touch with co-workers, friends, or family through various messaging and video conferencing apps. Moreover, Wi-Fi has increased the use of social media as latest updates can be gathered from smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Better healthcare

Better connectivity makes it easier to gather medical advice, research remedies, book doctor appointments at the comfort of your desk. Apart from this, there’s the practice of telemedicine which lets doctors remotely examine a patient and is ideal for those who are not capable of visiting a doctor which is done over video conferencing or smartphones.

Online shopping

Through Wi-Fi, shopping can be a breeze with a simple click of a button and this is especially true for those who want hassle-free shopping without having to queue in long checkout lines at the mall. In addition to online shopping being so consumer-centric, it also helps retailers by employing wireless internet systems that feature relationship management tools. It lets companies access detailed consumer data and analytics for a more precise picture of their product’s target market.

Making the most out of Wi-Fi capabilities

To create ensure smooth operation of our daily devices, the use of a reliable Wi-Fi router such as the 5BARz ROVR is a good investment to have. Ideal for office or home use, the ROVR from  5BARz International (OTCQB:BARZ) is a one-of-a-kind Wi-Fi router and IoT hub that delivers “intuitive features” designed to provide a smart home living experience.

The minimalist router features six smart functionalities including a Smart Power which allows about four hours of backup power supply. There is also the Smart Wireless which has “fiber and wireless backhauls.” Smart Usage helps customize data and bandwidth usage for each connected user. It also has Smart Storage which provides a common storage drive for users. Finally, it has Smart Bandwidth which gives users notice when their usage is most likely to exceed thresholds.

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