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7 ways to earn money when you’re traveling long-term

Nothing’s better than being able to travel and work at the same time. You earn money as you go and you also get to places you’ve never been to.



Traveling the world can be a great experience, and a lot of people decide it’s something they’d like to do long-term. Money can get a little tight on an extended trip, so it’s a good idea to try and earn money as you travel. Here are seven ways to earn money when you’re traveling long-term.

Sell your photos and videos

You’re probably planning on taking lots of pictures and video of your travels anyway, so why not earn some money doing it? There are people and companies that will pay you for your photos and videos. If you can market yourself, there’s money available working at weddings and for companies at plenty of destinations. You can also sell your media to websites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock and Foap.


If you’ve got some talent in this area, ask around at local bars and clubs to see if they need a DJ. They might want you to provide your own equipment, but sometimes all it takes is an impressive Spotify playlist. Expect to be asked to do a demo. The best part about earning money as a DJ is that you work evenings and have the entire rest of the day to explore your surroundings.

Become an online academic writer

A lot of people decide to do some extended traveling once they finish university, so why not put your education to work and make money as an online academic writer? Sites like BoomEssays will pay you to write academic papers from the comfort of your hostel or hotel room.

If you're already familiar with the locality of the place you're staying, offering tours to guests can help you earn your keep.

If you’re already familiar with the locality of the place you’re staying, offering tours to guests can help you earn your keep. (Source)

Tour guide

If you decide to stick around in one area for a long enough time, you’ll probably get to know the place well enough to work as a tour guide. Try checking out the local tourism office and see if they’re hiring. If they’re not, and you’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit, look around for tourists and offer to show them around for a modest fee. Be sure to tell your clients that you’ve been staying there for a while and know all the hidden gems.

Online tutoring

If you’ve got some education in your background, consider becoming an online tutor. Tutoring online is a great way to make money and all you need is your laptop and an internet connection. Check out sites such as EssayRoo for online tutoring opportunities.

Work on a cruise ship

If you like the idea of setting off on a cruise but don’t want to pay an arm and a leg, there is good news. You can make a living working on a cruise ship. Get a taste of the wider world while earning money doing tasks like preparing food, attending to the customers, and cleaning rooms. Most travelers find their first job on a Caribbean cruise ship, so start there. You can also check out sites such as All Cruise Jobs and Cruise Ship Job.


You might not get paid, but you will save a ton of money by housesitting, instead of paying money for a hotel or hostel. All you have to do is keep an eye on the property, and possibly a pet or two. You can still go out and explore, there is no need to stay in the house all the time. Websites like Mind My House and Trusted Housesitters can connect you with people looking for someone to mind their place.

Traveling long-term can get expensive, so always be on the look-out for new sources of income. Your best strategy is to use multiple sources to earn money. These seven tips are a good start, but if you keep your eyes open as you travel you’ll find even more.

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