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Echo Look is the new fashion advice gadget from Amazon

Echo Looks takes photos using just a voice command and with its built-in lighting and depth sensing camera, it blurs the background to make sure that the outfits really pop, while giving clean full-length photos that are easy to share with friends.



This new product from Amazon is sure to spark the interest of all the fashionistas out there.

Amazon recently introduced Echo Look, a first-of-its-kind Echo device with a hands-free camera. It comes with Alexa, the virtual personal assistant that can manage thousands of tasks, which can also now help people look their best.

Echo Look takes photos using voice command. With its built-in lighting and depth-sensing camera, it blurs the background to make sure that the outfits really pop out, while giving clean full-length photos that are easy to share with friends. Another great feature is the live view that allows users to take videos and see themselves from every angle.

Amazon also created an easy way to get a second opinion with the option, ‘Style Check’, which combines the best of machine learning and fashion specialists. All users need to do is pick two outfits and Style Check will give recommendations based on current trends and what flatters them most.

The new Echo Look gadget will give fashion advice to its users. (Source)

Alexa can also help in creating a personal lookbook. It shows users what they wore and when so they can keep track of favorite outfits and take their closet with them wherever they go.

To make things even more interesting, Amazon introduced a companion app as well, compatible with Android and iOS operating systems. The Echo Look app is now available for purchase at various app stores.

Among other things, this new venture will help Amazon with their future plans involving fashion and retail business, ever since they introduced their private label brand exclusive to Prime not so long ago.

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