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Express your personality with these high-flying aviation-themed accessories

Invest in these timeless aviation-themed pieces from Doppeldecker that show off your personality and sense of style.




High fashion is just a component of your own individual style. It takes a keen eye and a knowledge of trends to really express yourself through fashion, and accessories are truly the finishing touch to any outfit or set. Colors and styles are virtually limitless when it comes to things like jewelry, scarves, shoes and leather. Pairing the right colors together with the main gear can really make the ensemble pop. Like making a statement when you walk into a room? Invest in the right accessories that suit your individual personality and sense of style.

Four corners complete the look for suits and jackets

Men’s fashion continues to power ahead, driving a red-hot accessories market. Suits and jackets are now en vogue in high rises across the globe and nothing finish a man’s outfit better than a finely crafted and styled pocket square and silk tie combination. Matched to the jacket and contrasting to the shirt, squares, ties, and bowties add that needed color pop along the monotone length of the suit or jacket. Individual style choices can also extend one’s personality with the wide range of colors and styles available in this category. Be good at being you!

Grounded luxury by Doppeldecker

Accessible luxury is a key trend in the category and Doppeldecker offers fashion accessories that deliver a luxury experience and tremendous value. Doppeldecker is a transatlantic brand with a unique European style. The name itself translates to the biplane and the brand uses aviation themes for its core design element, which embraces the ‘go anywhere, go anytime!’ way of life. Doppeldecker’s lineup of scarves, ties and bow ties are made of the finest silks and display a high level of quality and craftsmanship from designs that are woven into silk ties to silk screened on scarves. The brand’s commitment to quality and everyday luxury is highlighted throughout the various men’s and women’s accessories that are available from the company.


Doppeldecker uses only the finest high-quality silk in its products. (Source)

High flying scarves are the ultimate finishing accessory

Scarves are the ultimate fashion accessory and afford a great opportunity to show off one’s personal style in a key fashion position. A well selected and perfectly tied scarf can bring a whole look together and complement features such as eye and hair color. Choosing scarf patterns and colors that reflect your own personality will make an immediate statement in any situation or engagement. Walk into any room and show them you mean business!

Doppeldecker scarves are an everyday indulgence

Luxury is no longer out of reach as Doppeldecker offers a line of high-end silk scarves that are affordable, stylish and are the ultimate accessory for high flying jet-setters. The design motif of Doppledecker accessories inspires feelings of courage, passion and independence, and the wearer will easily convey those emotions in any setting. Exclusive to their Biplane Collection, these gorgeous scarves have classic aviation themes that recall the beginning of the flight and the start of human freedom from the surface of the earth. Iconic aviation symbols such as the Wright Flyer adorn these accessories and represent the real ‘free spirit’. Doppeldecker scarves are 100 percent silk and designs are silkscreened to ensure the highest quality finish and longevity for everyday use. These unique designs are well priced and available directly through Doppeldecker.

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