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Here’s a framework on how to syndicate your first multifamily property

In this article, we have compiled podcasts, YouTube videos, and articles for any investor who wants a framework on how to syndicate their first multifamily property.



We begin with T. Harv Eker, an expert in personal development and motivation. He will set the table on how to prepare yourself for your own personal journey and will share with you what has made him a huge success in the personal development space and what has brought him amazing success.

We continue with podcasts and videos with thought leaders and investors who are making an impact in the syndication space. We conclude with team members who will be able to provide legal and tax advice on syndication. So buckle up, and be prepared to learn how to syndicate your first deal!

1. Secrets of the Millionaire Mind with T. Harv Eker

This show is about finding success by having the “Right Vehicle,” the “Right Knowledge” and the “Right You” to go all the way. It’s about legitimately changing how you were taught to think and know that you SHOULD give yourself more by getting rich.

Harv and Jake & Gino dive in deep to the core of how mindset affects the person and spurs them forward or holds them back. This is a deeply affecting episode that will help you examine your limiting beliefs and re-condition yourself to step on the gas pedal on your path to financial freedom!

2. Making The Move into Multifamily With Bill Ham

Bill Ham was a former pilot but soon realized that flying was not the right path to financial freedom. As with most investors, he started out buying small multifamily properties but soon realized that raising capital was the only way for him to scale up to larger multifamily properties. Listen to his story on how he scaled to over 1000 units and created a property management company.

3. Follow The Plan With Ivan Barratt

Ivan Barratt is a multifamily owner and syndicator who specializes in FHA and agency financed projects. Since 2015, Ivan Barratt has raised nearly 30 million in equity and acquired over 2000 units. Currently, his companies manage well over $150 million in assets comprising nearly 3,000 units. On this podcast, he speaks with us about his first syndication, partnerships and habits for success.

4. Buying Right With Vinney “Smiles” Chopra

This podcast’s exciting guest has been fondly nicknamed “Mr. Smiles” for good reason! Vinney Chopra, one of our happiest guests ever, oversees Moneil Investment Group, LLC, and Moneil Management Group, LLC, in addition to teaching through his academies. He has funded over 26 syndications to date!

Vinney has a very inspiring story. From selling books to buying single-family was a journey in itself! He sprung for his broker’s license and consequently, multifamily caught his eye. Vinney gives tips on how to overcome analysis paralysis like he did and to take massive action in raising money and acquiring properties.

5. The Mindset Of An Investor With Dave Zook

One of the few returning guest on our podcast, Dave Zook discusses how and why he started investing in multifamily, and why he got into the syndication game. For Dave, it’s all about team building and creating value for his investors.

6. Blue Collar Marketing Mark Kenney

Mark Kenney, founder of Think Multifamily, is a hustler and seasoned real estate investor in the multifamily mecca of Dallas, TX and now Atlanta, and owns 2700 units!! Mark gives us hos breakdown on how he structures his syndication deals and his favorite ways to add value during renovations.

7. Don’t Lose Money With Andrew Cushman

In 2007, Andrew left his corporate job and began investing in real estate. In this podcast, he shares about the extreme persistence and creative tactics he used to land his first single-family and multifamily deals and then spills All the details about HOW he successfully repositioned the multi-unit! He also shares what he looks for in a market and in a property, as well as a property management company.

8. Snowballing Capital With Devin Elder

Listen to Devin’s take on Buying Right, Managing Right and Financing Right with both single and multifamily. He also talks about how it felt getting into multifamily syndication, his buying criteria, and what his business plan looks like for repositioning a property and getting his investors returns.

9. Balancing Capital & Opportunity With Chris Urso

Chris is another repeat guest on the podcast, and I think you will know why we invited him on again. He is a wealth of knowledge, is passionate about multifamily, and shares his tips and habits that have made him successful in the business.

10. Turning One Deal Into Multiple Deals With Bruce Petersen

Bruce takes a deep dive into that first deal and the strategies that he used to find his investors, finance the deal and running his own property management. At one point, he closed 4 deals totaling 860 units in 18 months. This episode is jam-packed full of ways to add value to your properties and involve your tenants suggestions and treat them well!

multifamily property

 Members of the Syndication Attorneys team focus on helping small business owners/developers. (Source)

11. Navigating The Waters Of Syndication Law With Kim Taylor

Kim Lisa Taylor (a nationally recognized expert in the securities industry) is the founder of Syndication Attorneys PLLC, where she and the other members of the Syndication Attorneys team focus on helping small business owners/developers structure and convey their investment opportunities in a way that will attract private investors, both domestic and foreign. They teach their clients how to use securities laws effectively!

12. Ins & Outs of 1031 Exchange With Len Berkowitz

Len Berkowitz is the Managing Director of Riverside TACS, providing sophisticated international tax advice and cost segregation services to a broad array of clients. He has over twelve years of experience as a tax practitioner, and discusses the pros and cons of 1031s on this podcast.

13. Asset Protection With Scott Smith

Scott Smith is the founder of Royal Legal Solutions. On this podcast, he gives some great advice on how to hire the right professional to advise you on your real estate investments and how to place your assets in an LLC the smart (and unexpected) way. As a real estate investor himself, he has the ability to strategize, compartmentalize and structure legal entities appropriately. Scott warns: there are certain situations in which insurance just won’t protect you! It’s important to use the right entity structure to safeguard yourself.

14. The Go Giver With Bob Burg

If you work in sales whatsoever, you are surely concerned with increasing volume. By being an avid learner, Bob Burg taught himself how to dramatically increase his sales using systems and by building relationships. Thus, ‘The Go Giver’ was born, teaching the foundational concept: Being a Go-Giver is giving value to your relationships. This podcast will teach you how to create value for your investors and how to think of solving problems for others, thus opening the floodgates of $$$ for your next syndication.

15. Seven Challenges Of Our First Syndication

In this article, I discuss the seven challenges, or difficulties that we faced when syndicating our first deal. To us, syndication added another layer of complexity and unknown that we had yet to experience. My goal is to prepare the reader for what to expect when they decide to join the realm of syndication.

16. Multifaceted Multifamily With Jake & Gino

This episode is dedicated to a big theme for Jake & Gino this year: Multifaceted Multifamily – building a multifamily business with multiple streams of income. Starting as just an investing business, Jake & Gino went on to build out their own in-house property management, design an education platform, and now they are adding another facet to their business allowing YOU to invest alongside Jake & Gino as an equity partner! The guys tell the fascinating play-by-play story of the last 5 years and how far they’ve come, and hit hard on having the drive, persistence, and out of the box mindset that is vital for multi-faceted success! They even detail how multiple streams of income can be created in other businesses, for example: Gino’s family restaurant in New York.

17. Multifamily Stories: The Investor Dinner

This was our first investor dinner to begin to raise funds for our first syndication. Get motivated and inspired to step out of your comfort zone and start raising funds for your first syndication!


It’s time to create your power base, your list of close friends and family members that you can begin to offer the opportunity to invest with you. Next, you will need to select a market to start looking at deals. Once the market is selected, begin to reach out to brokers and start to create relationships with these brokers. When the brokers start sending deals your way, be sure to underwrite them quickly and let the brokers know if you want to pursue it further.

DISCLAIMER: This article expresses my own ideas and opinions. Any information I have shared are from sources that I believe to be reliable and accurate. I did not receive any financial compensation for writing this post, nor do I own any shares in any company I’ve mentioned. I encourage any reader to do their own diligent research first before making any investment decisions.

Gino Barbaro is an investor, business owner and entrepreneur.  He has been investing in real estate for 15 years and has grown his multifamily portfolio to 674 units in 3 years.  He has teamed up with Jake Stenziano to create Jake & Gino, a real estate educational company that offers coaching and training in real estate investing. He is the best selling author of “Wheelbarrow Profits”.Gino is a graduate of IPEC (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching) and is a Certified Professional Coach.  He is also the author of the best-selling cookbook "Family Food and the Friars". He currently resides in New York with his beautiful wife Julia and their six children Gabriella, Michael, Sofia, Veronica, Cecilia and Laura.