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A quick guide to planning your trip to Australia

If you’re looking for fun and adventure with astounding sceneries and coasts, Australia is definitely the place to go to.



Though Australia is one of the remotest countries on the planet, it is a hugely popular destination for tourists from all around the world. The amazing number of things to do in the country is well worth the length of time it may take for you to travel there. This one of a kind country, with its insane random animals, scenic cities and awe-inspiring scenery—it is worth a visit or two.

With American tourists showing 22 percent growth in the luxury travel arena, we see that Australia is now attracting luxury travelers from all across the globe, and not just countries in its near vicinity.

Visa requirements

The visa requirements for Australia are simple and you can apply via the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection website. Only citizens from New Zealand can apply for a visa on arrival in Australia, all other passport holders should apply before leaving their homes. For those luxe travelers, getting the best traveler planners will help you skip this quick but tedious paperwork.

Travel tips


Australia is an English speaking country, but with its great diversity of cultures, you will encounter many different languages in your travels.


The Australian dollar is the national currency and currently, you can get US$1 for AU$1.3.

Tax refunds

Do not forget to get your tax refunds on goods over $300 and bought within 60 days of departure from Australia.


For the police, fire services and ambulance, dial 000.

Aside from the Sydney Opera house, Australia is also famous for Ayers Rock.

Aside from the Sydney Opera house, Australia is also famous for Ayers Rock. (Source)


Any amount of cash over AU$10,000 (or similar amounts in foreign currency) must be declared to Australian Customs when you land—this can be confiscated if not declared.


Oh, the beaches you will see—safely. Remember to only swim when lifeguards are on duty and stick to the rules of that beach.

Top sights to see in Australia:

The nature

Australia offers an amazing amount to see for those tourists who love nature, from Ayers Rock in the vast Outback to the wonderful coast that rings the country, to the famous Great Barrier Reef, you will not run out of amazing natural sights to visit.

The cities

Australia’s most famous landmark is likely the Sydney Opera house, but do not just stop in on Sydney, Australia has fabulous cities with incredible landmarks on offer. So take a tram in Melbourne’s to one of the cities vibrant restaurants or go for “little town” madness in Alice Springs—take in as many cities as you can!

The sports

No country in the world celebrates sports quite like the Australians, from the cricket-mad fans to the Australian Football madness, the Australians take their sport seriously. So if you have the opportunity, you should take in a game and try some AFL premiership betting to add extra local spice to the match.

These are just a small sample of what you can see in Australia, you would never have a boring holiday in this amazing country.

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