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4 PSAs on heart diseases by the American Heart Association

Education and changes in lifestyle can help prevent eight out of 10 heart diseases.



Cardiovascular diseases in the U.S. kill approximately one woman every 80 seconds. The good news is that 80 percent of cardiac events may be prevented with education and changes in lifestyle.

The American Heart Association Go Red For Women is a national movement dedicated to ending heart disease and stroke in women. The American Heart Association is a voluntary organization that was founded by six cardiologists in 1924. Go Red For Women now includes more than 22.5 million volunteers and supporters, 156 local offices and 3.000 employees who support the initiative for fighting against heart diseases and stroke in women.

The American Heart Association has released four PSAs. Go Red For Women is an organization that funds innovative research fights for stronger public health policies and provides effective instruments and helpful information that can help in saving and improving the lives of women.

All women must know the most critical numbers in their life because their hearts depend on them. The spots include helpful tips for women on how to take preventative measures for developing cardiovascular diseases, such as knowing important heart health numbers and family history. They also highlight the sisterhood and support the AHA provides for women and their families.

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