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Discover the Difference with Hempura: Clean, Pure, and Natural CBD

When it comes to finding CBD products to support your health, there are many gotchas to be wary of. These include everything from sketchy extraction methods with petroleum products to downright dangerous synthetic “pure CBD.” Fortunately, there are a small handful of brands doing the right thing for their customers’ health, like Hempura and its line of natural CBD oils, creams, and capsules.



There’s no doubt about it. CBD products are becoming increasingly popular as people cotton on to the natural health and wellness benefits. But while there’s no questioning the healing power of CBD, that’s not to say that all products are born the same.

Indeed, one doesn’t need to look far to find all manner of sub-standard CBD concoctions. From THC taint to dangerous, lab-created synthetic CBD, the market is littered with products that have the potential to do more harm than good.

So where should a health-conscious consumer turn when only the best will do? Easy — for those who want a clean, pure, and natural CBD experience, Hempura is the clear choice.

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Hempura natural CBD oil

Meet Hempura — “Always Natural, Never Artificial”

In a nutshell, Hempura is a leader in the UK CBD oils, capsules, and wellness products market. But more than just being another CBD brand, Hempura places a core ethos at the center of everything it does — “Always natural, never artificial.”

The result of this commitment to quality is a brand that’s quickly garnered thousands of loyal customers and products that sell out rapidly. In fact, it was just last Black Friday when the entire online store sold out before the day was even over.

And it’s not just sales that attest to Hempura’s popularity with the modern, quality-conscious consumer. The testimonials are also glowing.

One user wrote, “CBD capsules are an excellent rest aid with no side effects. I have been using Hempura CBD capsules for 3 months now to help me get better rest and I recommend it! I get at least 7 hours during the night. I feel much more level.”

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE & TAKE 10% OFF TODAY: Discover why UK consumers are racing about Hempura for yourself. Take 10% off with the discount code DISCOUNT10.

Another customer claimed: “I have been giving the CBD oil to my wife for over a year on the recommendation of a friend and it helps with her physical discomfort. I’m joining in too!”

A third customer said it was “A miracle honestly. Just about to get my second bottle. I’m 20 and struggle with periods. I can’t rest or do anything because of them. This is the only thing that helps, I get through the night and have zero issues. I won’t stop buying this.”

Hempura 1000mg CBD oil

Hempura’s Natural CBD vs The Alternatives

Hempura — Taking a Stand Against Cheap (and Downright Dangerous) Imitations

It’s no secret that many brands willfully sacrifice quality in pursuit of better profit margins. It’s also no secret that clever marketers will often dress up shoddy products with clever wording to cover up the reality behind their products.

Hempura, on the other hand, has taken the opposite side of this approach. Instead of placing profit ahead of all else, Hempura has committed itself to only using top-quality, naturally-extracted CBD.

The importance of this approach cannot be overstated. Currently, the UK CBD market is flooded with so-called “pure CBD” (and other clever variations dreamt up by marketers). But what many consumers don’t realize is that this “pure CBD” label is often a proxy for synthetic CBD — a cheap (but poorly understood) alternative to natural CBD.

The part to pay attention to here is “poorly understood.” Because while these “pure” (synthetic) alternatives might imitate natural CBD, slight differences at the molecular level can have disastrous health consequences.

For proof of the dangers synthetic products pose, we need only look at the damage done by the “legal highs” market. These are, more or less, the same products as synthetic CBD — lab-manufactured cannabinoids designed to imitate the real thing.

Fortunately, Hempura has taken a firm stance against these practices.

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Not All Natural CBD Is the Same — Hempura’s Extraction Process

While the importance of natural CBD over its synthetic counterparts is clear, what’s not so clear is that not all natural CBD products are the same. And this isn’t just down to the quality of the original crop.

The big difference here lies in how CBD is extracted.

The sad reality is that most natural CBD manufacturers rely on cheap but incredibly dangerous hydrocarbons (petroleum products) to extract CBD. These include substances like heptane and pentane — substances that are known to cause everything from nervous system damage to fluid buildup in the lungs.

But there are safer alternatives to these corner-cutting techniques. One of the best examples here is Hempura, which uses an advanced ethanol extraction process.

This has two benefits, the first of which is that Hempura’s natural ethanol extraction is 100% health-safe. After all, ethanol is well understood — it’s the exact same alcohol you find in a glass of wine.

However, there’s a second benefit that Hempura’s ethanol extraction delivers. That is, it allows for precise control over the extraction profile. This allows Hempura to preserve the plant’s natural terpenes, flavonoids, cannabinoids, nutrients, and minerals, resulting in a superior product.

Hempura 300mg CBD capsules

DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE & TAKE 10% OFF TODAY: Discover why UK consumers are racing about Hempura for yourself. Take 10% off with the discount code DISCOUNT10.

Experience the Hempura Difference For Yourself Today

If you’re looking for natural CBD products to support your health, it’s time to ditch the shoddy corner cutters and try Hempura. With its commitment to only using the best natural CBD extracted using the safest techniques, UK CBD consumers are guaranteed a 100% safe and natural CBD product.

To experience the Hempura difference today and enjoy 10% off your order, simply head to their website and use the discount code DISCOUNT10 when shopping its range of CBD oils, creams, and capsules.


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