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Kiss Stress and Anxiety Goodbye with CBD Gummy Domes

As CBD keeps gaining popularity as a treatment for stress and anxiety, Purity Hemp Co. CBD Gummy Domes have quickly found a place in the hearts and minds of UK consumers. And with good reason. As one of the few brands ticking every conceivable box (from certified drug-free to organic, traceable CBD), is it any wonder that thousands of consumers have purchased well over 10000 jars since its launch?



Purity Hemp Company CBD Gummy Domes

No matter how you spin the numbers, the popularity of CBD in the UK is exploding. That’s the headline finding from the 2022 ACI report on the UK CBD market. 

Leading the charge here are leading UK brands like Purity Hemp Company with their CBD Edibles & Gummies line. And the reason for this is clear — as word of mouth spreads, consumers searching for safe, natural ways to get a handle on stress and anxiety are finding exactly what they’re looking for in products like Purity’s CBD Gummy Domes.

DISCOVER WHY FOR YOURSELF: Snare a jar of Purity Hemp Co. CBD Gummy Domes and discover why thousands of UK customers have purchased over 10,000 jars since launch.

Here’s Why 88% of Consumers Are Raving About CBD Domes

While consumers are turning to products like CBD Gummy Domes for a variety of reasons, the leading driver is self-perceived anxiety. This is closely followed by sleep difficulties, as reported by a recent large-scale scientific study.

Of the consumers participating in the study, 9 out of every 10 (87%) reported feeling less anxiety after self-treating with CBD Gummy Domes or other equivalent CBD products.

When seen like this, it’s no surprise that Purity Hemp Co. has a stellar reputation among consumers. The only surprising part is that their overall customer satisfaction precisely meets the scientific consensus on CBD. This suggests the only dissatisfaction is coming from a small handful of CBD non-responders.

And indeed, this theory proves correct. On closer inspection, a repeated theme in 12% of Purity Hemp’s reviews is, and I quote, “No noticeable difference to date.” As for the other 88%, they’re all raving 5-star reviews.

For comparison, the same scientific study quoted earlier reported an 87% success when treating stress and anxiety with CBD. This parity suggests that Purity Hemp is one of those rare brands nailing everything from customer service and shipping and handling to quality control.

9 OUT OF 10 SUCCESS RATE: Scientific research shows a 9 out of 10 success rate when treating stress and anxiety with CBD Gummy Domes or other equivalent CBD products.

Here’s What Consumers Love About CBD Domes (Besides Anxiety Relief)

Of course, providing relief from stress and anxiety is one thing. But it’s an entirely different thing to also meet the demands of today’s wellness consumers.

The simple reality is that no one wants to load their body with unsafe products of questionable quality or origin. And Purity Hemp Co. is passing on this front with flying colors.

This means that every CBD Gummy Dome is not only organic, sustainable, certified drug-free, and quality-assured by third-party lab testers. They are also 100% traceable from seed to shelf.

To prove its commitment here, Purity Hemp Co. has sought (and obtained) three strict BSCG certifications for its CBD Gummy Domes. These include gold-standard CBD and quality certifications and the all-important Certified Drug-Free label, which is vital in an industry commonly marred by THC-tainted products.

ORGANIC AND CERTIFIED DRUG-FREE: Purity Hemp Co. CBD Gummy Domes come packed full of organic CBD and are backed by third-party BSCG drug-free certification

Not Limited to Stress and Anxiety

Although the leading reasons that consumers turn to CBD are anxiety and sleep issues (which are, unsurprisingly, commonly linked), they’re not the only ailments people are treating with CBD CBD Gummy Domes. In fact, for many people, turning to CBD products isn’t even about treating ‘ailments’, per se.

Thanks to CBD’s calming and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also finding growing popularity as a supplement for people looking to improve energy and focus, optimize athletic performance, and promote overall wellness and immunity.

And while success in many of these broader use cases is more anecdotal than scientific at this stage, CBD Science provides many useful theories as to why CBD is so successful here.

The reason for this is CBD’s direct interaction with the human Endocannabinoid System (ECS). For background, the ECS plays a central role in regulating many bodily functions, including immunity, inflammation, sleep, and pain perception.

This explains why everyone from busy professionals to high-performing athletes are turning to CBD Gummy Domes to boost their performance and gain an overall sense of wellness.

Purity Hemp Company CBD Gummy Domes

Not All CBD the Same

While there are certainly other products out there besides Purity’s CBD Gummy Domes, consumers need to be aware when seeking lesser-known alternative brands. Like many things, the quality differences between different CBD brands can be stark.

For this reason, consumers looking for CBD products need to ensure that any product they choose meets certain criteria. Good questions to ask here include;

  • Does the product include a pure dosage of high-quality, broad-spectrum CBD?
  • Was the CBD extracted from organic, traceable, and sustainable hemp crops?
  • Is the product certified by third-party labs for quality, purity, and absence of drugs?
  • Does the brand behind the product have a solid reputation?

If the answer to even one of these questions is anything but a resounding yes, then you’re better off taking a pass. After all, when your health and wellness is at stake, you really can’t afford to be taking any chances.

DON’T TAKE CHANCES: Available in a variety of juicy flavors (orange, lemon, grape), each Purity Hemp Co. CBD Gummy Dome comes packed with 10mg of premium-quality CBD.


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