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How women are joining the cannabis conversation

Women are now becoming more involved in the cannabis industry, as they openly voice out their concerns as to what the industry needs to improve.



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As the cannabis industry continues to grow, one would not think that it is a male-dominated industry. Though there are plenty of women who enjoy cannabis and other products related to it, they are still not well-served in the market, at least according to Katie Pringle, who moderated a panel discussion at HempFest Toronto’s Cannabis Expo, per The Star. The expo was held inside the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place on Sept. 16.

Pringle is a marketing and communications professional who co-founded a cannabis accessories brand Canndora last year. Aside from accessories, Canndora also provides female customers a sense of community through written content that tackles different subjects such as cannabis use, recipes and even questions about legislation that involve the plant.

According to Pringle, some stores do not provide products that suit a woman’s preference. For instance, she said that she went to a store that offers pipes, bongs and other materials used for cannabis consumption—and there were no available products that would look great or at least match the standards of female aesthetic that most women are looking for.

Another panelist in the expo, Sabrina Ramkellawan, also said that how women absorb cannabis is different from how it is with men, citing that women have different bodies, metabolisms and muscle mass. These factors could influence how certain cannabis products affects women.

Most people know that cannabis provides certain health benefits, and most of the conditions that cannabis often treat are experienced by women. These include anxiety, sleep disorders, migraine, depression, etc.

Apart from aesthetic, women also want to be sure of the cannabis products they are about to consume. Legitimate cannabis companies like PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN) provide these assurances that women are looking for—high-quality products that are sourced from trusted growers. POTN also employs industry professionals and health experts to make sure that every product manufactured is completely safe. According to Pringle, women are looking for trustworthy brands with not just high-quality products but also have good reputations and maintain similar values as some of these women.

Canada’s legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana nationwide would take effect on Oct. 17. (Source)

Legalization of recreational marijuana on Oct. 17

In just less than a month, recreational cannabis would be legal in Canada. But there is a catch for some provinces. For instance, there would only be one legal outlet for recreational cannabis in Ontario, and it would be managed by the government. Other retail outlets would only be available in April next year.

Other cannabis-related products such as edibles and cannabidiol (CBD) would not be legal until a year after. This is a concern for some people, as these subcategories of cannabis products are preferred by several consumers.

Women entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry

Pringle is just one of many who are trying to change the cannabis industry for women. There is Milkweed, founded by Emma Baron, which offers aesthetically pleasing accessories for women, including canisters, roll kits, ashtrays and many more.

Blunted Objects, founded by Melodie Ling, also offers a line of gorgeous cannabis-themed pieces of jewelry and accessories. Meanwhile, Stonedware Company, which was founded by Ariel Zimman, offers elegant-looking smoking wares that most women would totally love.

Women could truly innovate the cannabis industry by openly speaking about their concerns and doing something about it. For instance, some of these women actually considered building businesses that really solve their specific concerns.

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