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H&R Block and IBM Watson are revolutionizing tax preparation

H&R Block and IBM teamed up to create an advanced tax technology.



H&R Block and IBM Watson introduced the biggest advancement in tax preparation technology.

H&R Block and IBM worked together on a consumer-oriented technology at the former’s retail offices that also incorporated IBM Watson to improve client experiences and secure the best outcome for tax situations.

“H&R Block is revolutionizing the tax filing experience. By combining the human expertise, knowledge, and judgment of our tax pros, with the cutting-edge cognitive computer power of Watson, we are creating a future where every deduction and credit can be found,” declares Bil Cobb, CEO of H&R Block.

Imagine being able to understand all 74,000 pages of the U.S. Tax Code, together with thousands of yearly tax law changes and other information. Watson learns from all that information. With the collaboration between H&R Block and IBM, Watson is applied to tax preparation for the first time. This innovation has helped taxpayers benefit from the industry-leading expertise of H&R Block’s tax professionals and cloud-based Watson services, enhanced the client experience and helped in identifying credits and deductions. Watson works alongside H&R Block Tax Pros as they take clients through the tax return process, suggesting key areas where he or she may qualify for deductions and credits.

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