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How the internet can be your best friend this Christmas

The internet can save you a lot of stress, show you where the best shopping deals are, connect you with your loved ones, and just let you chill this Christmas.



The internet can be your best friend this Christmas. It will save you a lot of stress, show you where the best shopping deals are, connect you with your loved ones, and just let you chill. And in case all that holiday spirit gets to you, the web can also be your best protection against scammers and hackers out to steal your money and your Christmas cheer.

The internet can make the holiday spirit in your home come even more alive. Your smart devices from Apple and Samsung, a power bank, and the network extender and Wi-Fi router from  5BARz International (OTC: BARZ).

First, put up an internet-connected Christmas tree.

 With smart sensors that alert you to intruders or smart cars that navigate you through the streets, a smart Christmas tree can literally light up your party and gift-giving activities. TechRadar gives us these tips. Certain apps can open those cute little bulbs with just a voice command. No need to plug it. Just gather the family around and say aloud the word that will activate the order and voila! The halls radiate with a rainbow of colors.

Amazon even amps up the fun with its own app; connect to it with your smartphone and the minute its package arrives on your doorsteps, the Christmas tree starts to shine. It would be a dramatic and stunning way to give your loved one their precious Christmas gift.

Play your favorite holiday tunes.

Let’s Learn English says you can add more to the spirit by playing your favorite Christmas tunes. Spotify, Christmas Radio, and Amazon Echo can store your playlist with melodies that will make you and your family want to deck the halls, dance around the Christmas tree, or just hug each other around in appreciation and love.

How the internet can be your best friend this christmas

The internet can help make the holidays more festive. (Source)

These apps have dozens, if not hundreds, on their list, and you might spend an afternoon just selecting the melodies. You can even categorize them according to the event: Bing Crosby and the other golden oldies for the grandparents, the Carpenters’ ditties for Mom and Dad, and the rockier, dancier ones for you and your friends.

In case those special people in your life are too far away, the internet can create a bridge that will make the loneliness go away.

 Skype, video conferences, and chat can connect you almost immediately. FaceTime shows you where they’re at and narrows that long distance between you. China Chilla News has other suggestions how to make the internet work for you this holiday season:  find recipes to make your Christmas meals sweeter and crunchier, and browse around for the best stores where you can find classy, but inexpensive gifts.

The internet can also keep you safe while you are shopping.

Sometimes, we tend to let our guard down in the frenetic desire to buy everything in sight. Cornwall Live recommends updating your devices with the latest anti-virus software which you can download from the net. Upgrading your operating system would also make you less vulnerable. Make it a point to shop on legitimate online stores which have trademarks of business associations, certifying their legitimacy, on their home page.

Finally, the internet can also de-stress and enjoy your rare moments of privacy.

After the guests have gone, find a comfortable corner at home, ask Amazon Echo to play your favorite mellow tunes. Or click on Netflix, Hulu, and other video-streaming sites and just binge for hours, happy and content with yourself as your sole companion for a few stolen moments this Christmas.

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