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Listening to your life change: 5 lifestyle podcasts worth listening to

These lifestyle podcasts can help listeners have a better outlook about their day-to-day activities.



lifestyle podcasts

Podcasts are becoming known not just for entertainment and culture discussions, but for influencing decisions and shaping lives as well. Millions of Americans tune in to podcasts each month, and it is safe to assume that a huge chunk of those listeners have at least tuned in to a lifestyle podcast.

Similar to the effect given by famous lifestyle shows, these podcasts help create a better outlook when it comes to day-to-day activities. From gardening to dining, here are some lifestyle podcasts that will serve as the all around, one-click, life-improvement listening sessions.

lifestyle podcasts.

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Streamed via Audioboom (LSE: BOOM), LifeMinute is a celebrity-centric lifestyle guide that provides tips, insights, and discussions on fashion, beauty, travel, arts, health, home improvement, and even finance management. Uploads include fashion and beauty tips from the likes of Sophia Bush, Jamie Chung, and news bits on how celebrities inspire others to focus on improving the quality of life. The channel is known for its impeccable video and audio content, making it one of the most in-demand lifestyle hubs podcast created.

The Menu

Perfect for those with worldly, ubiquitous tastes, The Menu is a food guide that discusses the best of what the world has to offer. Listeners can expect restaurant reviews and features from different corners of the world, with epicurean gastronomic features and episodes featuring interesting culinary escapades. From Beirut’s top breadmakers to Brazil carnival cuisine, The Menu makes sure to tap the hidden gems that most food shows miss out on. The choices are almost endless, with episode selection that features the different wine cultures of many countries such as Uruguay and Austria.

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Food Is The New Rock

Perhaps one of the most interesting food podcasts is Food Is The New Rock, hosted by Zach Brooks, a food blogger who’s into music, and Chuck P, a radio DJ who has a deep interest for food. The juxtaposition of ideas and lively banter of the two are often transcended through the interesting interviews. The pair interviews musicians about food and chefs about music, resulting to an always entertaining exchange. Past guests feature comedian Jack Black, indie act Yo La Tengo, and Alex James, Blur’s bassist and a self-confessed cheese enthusiast.

A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach

There’s nothing like the feeling of owning and showing off a thriving garden to make someone feel proud of his or her gardening skills. New York-based gardening author and blogger, Margaret Roach, shares the secrets of developing a green thumb with her 25-minute weekly podcast. Roach shares advice on how to manage and keep a garden, emphasizing on edibles for sustainable living. A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach also gives tips on what kinds of equipment to use and which suppliers works best for different kinds of plants and gardening philosophies.


Getting into arts & crafts is a celebrated hobby, and Craftsanity puts all kinds of crafty activities into one channel. Hosted by 38-year-old crafting enthusiast Jennifer Ackerman-Haywood, Craftsanity features tutorials and improvement updates for all kinds of crafts, from weaving looms to embroidery. The podcast also interviews guests who are considered masters in their craft and it inspires beginners to be more immersed with their chosen pastime.

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