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New year, new work? How to determine if it’s time for a career change

People usher in a new year with high hopes. Seeking greener pastures is part of the equation. Here’s how to determine if it’s time for a career change.



People usher in a new year with high hopes. They treat the incoming year as a fresh start, a chance to improve and explore new opportunities. Naturally, seeking greener pastures is part of the equation. Here is how to determine if it is time for a career change.

The time is perfect for some introspection. As The Ladders notes, asking yourself if you’ve been a great leader and deserving of the promotion helps to balance things out. Assessing where you are at this point in your career and where you want to be is crucial. It is high time to ask if you’ve been helping out in tasks voluntarily or being open to constructive criticism.

Analyze your skills. If you plan to work in a new environment, industry or company, make sure you have developed enough skills for that specific job. Get acquainted with the new technology that can change the industry you want to work in. Some of the skills that are highlighted by companies before hiring are communication skills, customer service, leadership, professional skills and IT skills.

Also worth knowing is how you fared in your job this year. Ask yourself why you want to seek greener pastures. Are you happy with your job? If yes, what makes you happy doing it? Is it about a raise you think is long overdue? If yes, then it is your right to ask for it. Just remember that asking nicely is different from demanding a raise.

Get your resume ready. Nothing is wrong with updating your resume. In any case that you want to leave or there is restructuring of your company, at least your resume is ready for the application process.

How to know if it’s time to leave your job? There are several ways. If you think there is no growth or you have added anything to your skills it, then it is probably time to move on. If you find yourself making excuses half of the time, your heart may not be into it anymore. If your boss does not trust you in making decisions or you are not paid enough for doing work outside your scope, maybe it’s time to send that resignation letter. One of the things to look at is if your manager listens to the team or not. You know what to do if the answer is the latter.

Job promotion.

There are questions you have to ask yourself before considering a career change. (Source)

According to Lifehacker, trying a new job is the way to do it. When people actually try doing their “dream” job, it gives them the reality that it also takes hard work to succeed. And also the realization that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies.

Networking also helps. When planning to change career, make a list of people you can contact to help you in finding new leads or opportunities in the industry.

If you want a fancy title next to your name, it might not mean instant happiness but it can improve your reputation. Per Fast Company, changing careers is more than just “taking a leap” because it does not happen overnight. You need to prepare and plan for it thoroughly.

Time is always essential but it is never too late to change your mind. As people grow old, their priorities change, their motivations also change. Thinking that it might be too late to change career and stick it out with your current job is not only rewarding but it could be stressful as well.

In the end, know your worth, know your abilities and listen not only to what your mind says but also your heart.

Leah Marie Angelou is an LGBTI activist and equality advocate. She has been a writer for several feminism-focused groups for nearly a decade. Her pieces are often focused on career development and the workplace. She also regularly covers personal and micro-finance, business management and entrepreneurship. Recently she has also focused on covering the promising CBD and hemp industry.