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Power up the new year with these top tech gadgets for 2017

Kodak Super 8, Amazon Dot, Snapchat Spectacles, and Samsung’s foldable smartphone are some of the hottest tech gadgets for 2017.



Starting the new year with the hottest, most innovative tech gadgets for 2017 is one way to celebrate it with a bang. 

Call it a celebration and an affirmation of your resolution to ride high on the digital highway and make it work with you, and help you fulfill your dreams. While carrying them and using them daily might boost your status a bit—and not to mention earn you hundreds of Like on your social media sites—what’s important is that these gadgets give you an eye into the future. They show you how our world is developing and where it’s going—and what you need to do to get into the next wondrous cyber frontier.

One last tip before we take a look at the following list. Many of these gadgets are internet-based, and accessories that keep you wired and plugged are simply a must for 2017. There’s no excuse anymore for losing your juice. Not with power pack boosters that fuel your cell device’s weakening batteries, or with network extenders from 5BARz International (OTC: BARZ) that raise their signal levels to the five-bar maximum.

Now check out what should be on your must-have tech gadgets for 2017:

Kodak Super 8

Who says film is dead? Not the same company that made the act of photography an essential part of our lives. Digital cameras and their click-and-point technique may be user-friendly but they still have to capture the depth and breadth of the images that are captured on film. Merkle says that Kodak is rolling out a Super 8 for the 21st century to with an LCD screen, sound, USB, SD, and HDMI support—all to bring out your inner artist.

Amazon Dot

This refined latest version of Amazon Echo will still play your favorite music, update you about the weather, and read you your favorite e-book, all activated by a simple voice command. Movie Tech Geeks says that early reviews have rated the Dot higher than the rival Google Home. One positive change to the Dot is that is comes equipped with a better speaker. A conversational tone will have this virtual assistant at your beck and call. No need to loud or yell to be heard by its AI—a practice which probably gave the pioneering Echo its name.

Top tech gadgets for 2017

Tech gadgets for 2017: Amazon is also known for its Kindles. (Source)

Snapchat Spectacles

Don’t give up on Snapchat’s more snappy version of the Google Glasses, despite initial early lukewarm reviews. The social media site is amping up its game this 2017 by making the fine art of storytelling more visually striking and a breeze. And this is your story, by the way. Tech Mic says that the Spectacles will let you take 30-second snapshots of the places, people, and events around you. Then it converts them into a series of 10-second movies that are immediately linked to your Snapchat Memories. If this works, expect a new tech trend,  to replace the still-hot selfie.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone 

This is Samsung’s answer to criticisms that the larger phones are too bulky to carry. Other users who want a bit more privacy also complain about the perpetually open flashing screens. As The Economic Times describes it, this re-design will give the phone two thin displays per side, divided by a door-like hinge that allows them to fold. The folded form keeps all the display inside, eliminating screen lights, giving the user a bit of space from excessive smartphone use, and adding a bit of style. If this takes off, iPhone will have to come up with its own version or a more eye-catching, efficient innovation.

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