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U.S. Fund Invests in the Growth of the Fintech Company EvenFi

According to Federico Shaw, CFO of the company, the total amount of funding raised by EvenFi during 2022, including equity and debt, was more than €2.2 million. The funds will be used by EvenFi to support the company’s growth and further develop its financial product offering to support the real economy.



Italian lending crowdfunding platform EvenFi has announced the closing of its 2022 funding round. The round was led by Pacific Capital Partners, which chose to invest in the company through its Spanish affiliate Iberifi Ventures S.L.

Part of the round had been underwritten by the 223 investors who had participated in the equity crowdfunding campaign last October on WeAreStarting with a raise of €632.5 million, which then effectively closed at €521,500 because an investor who entered with €100,000 later dropped out to enter directly during 2023.

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A total raising of €2.2 million

According to Federico Shaw, CFO of the company, the total amount of funding raised by EvenFi during 2022, including equity and debt, was more than €2.2 million.

The funds will be used by EvenFi to support the company’s growth and further develop its financial product offering to support the real economy.

“We are thrilled to have the support of Pacific Capital Partners and our investment community as we continue our growth and innovation process,” said Diego Dal Cero, CEO of EvenFi. “This funding will allow us to continue our expansion process in a meaningful way and support the growth of our innovative products to reach even more companies and customers.”

“EvenFi’s ability to find attractive and sustainable projects within the region provides its investors with an incredible opportunity to invest in projects with attractive returns while maintaining a diversified portfolio across different durations and geographies and sectors. This competitive advantage has allowed EvenFi to achieve growth in recent quarters by expanding its operations to different segments and through different products,” said Enrique Lanata, Director of Strategy and Planning at Pacific Capital Partners.

“Pacific Capital Partners is constantly looking for investment opportunities that can provide access to the middle market of the economy and benefit from the development of technology and innovation. EvenFi has exactly these capabilities, developed by a top-notch team with extensive industry experience,” Lanata added.

EvenFi’s growth

EvenFi has experienced rapid growth in recent years. The community’s now nearly 20,000 members have invested a total of more than €29 million since the start of operations in 2020, including nearly €3.5 million in the third quarter of 2022 alone.

While on the other hand, in terms of loans disbursed, as of September 2022, the platform has already financed more than 240 projects supporting nearly 150 companies with more than €20 million, including €7.5 million in 2022 alone.

The platform also offers a secondary market, on which €1.6 million was traded in the third quarter and a total volume of more than €8.6 million has been reached since its launch.

About EvenFi

EvenFI was founded in Bergamo, Italy in 2018 as Cryptalia by Diego Dal Cero and Mattia Rossi with the intention of democratizing finance through technology. Its mission is to create a new financial future: simpler, free, and decentralized. Animating its work is above all the belief that investing in the growth projects of valuable enterprises means triggering a virtuous circle capable of having a positive impact on the real economy.

The platform makes it possible to invest in loans to SMEs through lending crowdfunding with a minimum amount of 20 euros, without any fees, and with interest of up to 9 percent on an annual basis.

At the end of November, EvenFi obtained authorization in Spain from CNMV (Comisión Nacional del Mercado de Valores, the equivalent of the Italian Consob), under the new EU crowdfunding regulation, to operate throughout Europe.


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