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Why are big companies using React Native for App development?

Today technology is changing at a very fast pace. Therefore, rapid upgradation of your App is necessary, with development-to-market time being a critical factor. Since working with React Native is easy, cross-platform app development professionals can create an app much quicker, thereby reducing the development-to-market time considerably



Before comprehending why business giants use React Native for app development, let us first understand what React Native is.

React Native is the most popular cross-platform open-source framework for iOS and Android app development.

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It is a versatile cutting edge technology used by many mobile application development company professionals.

In today’s technology-dependent world, the more features that you incorporate in your apps such as a superlative UX or a user-friendly UI, will establish how big a target audience you would achieve.

In React Native, the code is written in JavaScript with the use of the JavaScript library for assistance.

It has a single code for all apps thereby reducing the cost of development. It simplifies the integration process and helps in quick prototyping.

The React Native app development company mainly caters to front-end development creating a highly customized and responsive UX.

Many industrial giants like Facebook, WalMart, Nike, and Uber Eats are known to use React Native for their app development.

Why are big companies using React Native for App development?

Now let us enumerate some of the benefits of React Native that make it the most favored framework for any mobile app development company.

1. Multiple platform solution

It allows a single coding base for both iOS and Android platforms. The developers need to write the code once and can reuse it anywhere. To work with React Native, you need to hire React Native app developers who are proficient in UI elements API and hybrid app designing. Cross-platform apps are the need of the hour and since React Native uses JavaScript code, even a beginner can create a superlative app because of the strong community support it has and the presence of an enormous JavaScript library that is freely-available for assistance.

2. Low cost

Today technology is changing at a very fast pace. Therefore, rapid upgradation of your App is necessary, with development-to-market time being a critical factor. Since working with React Native is easy, cross-platform app development professionals can create an app much quicker, thereby reducing the development-to-market time considerably. Quick development-to-market time means quicker market entry, which means more revenue. Also, single coding allows for a 50% reduction in the development cost. Future scalability enables a reduction in maintenance and upgradation cost making React Native the most budget-friendly app development technology.

3. Quick prototyping

Single coding reduces the chances of bugging and malware so a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) can be developed faster. It is best to hire React Native app developers to do repeat testing so that the development of the app can occur fast without compromising on the quality of the product. The quick launching of a prototype reduces the development cost by 50%. Prototyping also allows adding extra features that are low costing instead of full interface development. Iteration quickens the QA phase so the development-to-market time is also reduced, which is reflected in the ROI as well.

4. Responsive UX

The user experience determines how successful your app will be in gaining a large audience. Native apps always give smooth UX while hybrid apps give a more web-like feeling. A React Native app development company when working in this framework can combine native building blocks with JavaScript to give a superlative UX. Developers can write a mix of native and React codes to get the required functionalities along with the smooth native-like experience. Developers can easily segregate the native code, the Framework code, and the Java code, thereby delivering different styles to the app.

5. Easy debugging

The reusability of the codes for the two platforms needs only one update. Bug detection becomes much easier and the single upgrade is applicable for both platforms. It is advisable to hire dedicated developers for a quick search of bugs, which can then be fixed easily with a single decision. Prototyping with minimum features makes the testing process much faster, and bug detection becomes easier and quicker. An updated version with the debugging completed can be created rapidly enabling a bug-free robust app in minimum time.

6. Community support

When working with a React Native app development company professionals do not need Android or iOS languages. Only medium-level JavaScript knowledge is essential, the reason why it is a popular framework today. It has a large online community for support whenever you face a problem. This community of specialists and React Native enthusiasts extend support for quick problem resolving as well as for skill-sharing. Open-source allows free accessibility to a huge pool of crucial documentation which can help even beginners to develop a successful app in no time.

7. Scalability

React Native is intuitive in nature which allows mobile application development company professionals to understand the code easily increasing the flexibility of the team. The addition of extra features is possible without going into the whole building process all over again. CodePush is a plugin that allows the updates to get automatically incorporated and reflected while running the app. A pet scan can also be done but its effect will be visible on the running app so a relaunching would not be required. Because of its high scalability, React Native is widely used for big applications. And since the addition of features is so easy, the platform provides a futuristic solution for app development.

A special case study

Let us now see the benefits that a retail giant observed after hiring a mobile app development company to create an app using React Native:

  • 95% of the code is shared and no knowledge sharing is required
  • Front-end code can be shared and business logic can be shared with a web application
  • Over-the-Air updates can be done and App Store approval is not needed
  • Time-to-market is very fast and both platforms can be launched simultaneously
  • Performance is similar to native apps and automation can run on all platforms
  • Animations can be done very smoothly as the code is first converted to native views

Few final words

React Native is the best framework for cross-platform app development. But the choice depends on the type of app you need.

If you have a budget constraint or you need a quick entry into the market, React Native is the better alternative for your app development.

If you want a user-friendly hybrid app with native features, in that case as well React Native is preferred. With benefits more apparent than limitations, React Native is the most popular framework creating a huge market for itself.

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