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Wikipoint Exceeds Minimum Crowdfunding Goal and Announces Agreement with Gieffe Group

The startup Wikipoint has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign that has exceeded the minimum goal of €100,000 and is now aiming for the maximum goal of €650,000. More than 80 people have invested to date, from a pre-money valuation of €6.45 million. In July 2022, Wikipoint had successfully closed its first round by raising over €670,000.




Wikipoint City, is a Metaverse that currently has 6 perfectly reproduced virtual cities (Milan, Rome, Florence, Naples, New York, and Paris) in which more than 600 stores and offices have opened.

The goal of the founders, Barbara Leonetti and Guido Simonetti, is to use their technology to give a voice to small and medium-sized companies, not only Italian, which, at least at the beginning, are often cut off from big technological innovations.

Most companies that now develop and offer their own virtual universe do so basically for play or entertainment purposes and for an audience that often does not coincide with medium and small companies. Wikipoint is an innovative startup established in 2021 based in Milan and operates with a team of 20 developers and 3D artists.

It boasts institutional clients such as Toshiba HVAC, Gewiss Spa, Radio Italia, National Geographic, Loxeal, and ViviEnergia, offering them immersive experiences such as Showrooms, immersive environments dedicated to training and solutions aimed at enhancing the user experience by offering new marketing channel.

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The crowdfunding campaign of Wikipoint

The startup has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign that has exceeded the minimum goal of €100,000 and is now aiming for the maximum goal of €650,000. More than 80 people have invested to date, from a pre-money valuation of €6.45 million.

In July 2022, Wikipoint successfully closed its first round by raising over €670,000 from more than 350 investors, for a pre-money valuation of €2.7 million.

Narrates Barbara Leonetti, founder and CEO of the company, “Just over a year ago, we told the public about our project by raising over €670,000. Today, we are back crowdfunding on the same platform and with the strength of all the goals achieved in advance. Wikipoint City exists, it is a Metaverse available to everyone, usable from computers, smartphones, and tablets, with customers already on board. But in the meantime, our vision has become even more ambitious: to reach, in the next three years, 50 virtual cities capable of hosting up to 5,000 customers.”

The agreement with Gieffe Group

It is precisely in this direction that the agreement Wikipoint has just signed with Gieffe Group, a reality operating in real estate, with a very strong know-how in the sector and a network of more than 450 independent agencies throughout Italy, goes.

“In a crowded market like the real estate sector, it is essential to be able to stand out with creativity and have new tools to be visible and create new sales opportunities.” Francesco Greco, founder and CEO of Gieffe Group, explained. “The Metaverse offers an extraordinary capacity for engagement. It allows us to go to the conquest of new opportunities, all on a solid platform like the one made by Wikipoint and with a series of tools at our disposal that allow us to present our business proposal in the best possible way.”

“What is happening these days proves that we are on the right track,” explained Guido Simonetti, founder and COO of Wikipoint. “All signs are telling us that this is the future. Microsoft itself recently presented the new Teams set within immersive worlds. A project that defines the new trend where users will increasingly demand to be part of immersive and immersive experiences. This will also be the case for consumers who will increasingly begin to frequent virtual worlds to experience different and more immersive shopping and relationship experiences than in current e-commerce.”

How Gieffe Group’s metaverse works

Within each virtual office in the Wikipoint Metaverse, the agency can display its catalog of properties for sale or rent.

The user can consult the information exactly as in reality and can dialogue with a representative (Avatar) of the real estate agency, operating h24, seven days a week.

Explains Simonetti, “We have studied the user interface very carefully, to allow merchants, in this case real estate agencies, to change the look of the office at will with a simple click, selecting the design from a library of templates we have made available.”

Everything has been created to ensure an extremely simple and intuitive user experience for everyone.

Barbara Leonetti added, “Within the control panel, we have included a number of tools that allow the store owner to create a true Digital Marketing strategy. But our team is always available to provide all the necessary support if needed.”


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