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Wine delivery in California? Palate Club will bring it to your door

When it comes to picking wine, Palate Club’s app uses scientific data to match your personal preferences. By customizing wine shipments to your personal profile, premium and authentic labels are delivered to your doorstep, making sure you’ll get a bottle you’ll really love—because your taste matters.



This picture show a wine glass.

If you’re struggling to find your perfect wine in L.A., you’re not alone. Many drinkers can’t seem to make sense of the confusing marketing online—the advertisements are often too generic or too misleading, making wine shopping a frustrating experience. It’s not an exaggeration to say that most of the time, all you really want is a bottle of red that you’ll actually enjoy. Well, struggle no more—Palate Club is here to the rescue.

A wine club based in San Francisco, Palate Club sources wine from all over the world. Then, through the help of its experts and by using a formula of over 200 wine traits, it does the work of personalizing your delivery and matching you with wine that fits your palate.

The Netflix for wine

In a world where algorithm plays a big part in how we consume media, Netflix has done really well in developing its recommendations system to help users find movies and TV shows that are of interest to them. In the same manner, Palate Club makes use of machine learning to expertly pair wines to your taste.

Whenever wine is selected through Palate Club’s app, the bottle’s profile is added to the formula which has already been tracking your wine ratings. These traits are recorded and measured so that your next order becomes even more tailored to your preferences. The further you drink and give your ratings, the better the artificial intelligence becomes—it learns to make choices that are distinctive to your palate only, and no one else.

The company’s goal is, of course, to be the best wine delivery in California that brings you wine specific to your liking, instead of sending you just about anything a critic has deemed “best” or a crowdsourced review has made popular. Through the algorithm, there is also an opportunity for you to discover and understand your palate, making you more informed about your inclination towards certain types of wine over others.

Wine delivery in the time of a pandemic

Recently, California has issued a state-wide order for all its citizens to stay at home and shelter in place as the local government works to fight the spread of the novel coronavirus disease. Effective immediately, Gov. Gavin Newsom appealed to residents to only go out if necessary, such as a grocery or pharmacy run for essential needs.

Where does that leave the food and wine industry, and of course, customers who still yearn to purchase food they want? The answer—shifting to home deliveries, both app-based and online, which are a safer alternative that satisfies demand as well as keeps businesses afloat at a time like this.

For Palate Club, the transition is no problem at all. As a wine palate discovery platform, its namesake app, available both on the Apple App store and Google Play store, has a range of delivery options that puts its customer in control. The company sends organic wines in small batches,  with the help of top sommeliers in the industry.

Carry a wine expert in your pocket

Start by signing up for a red or white wine bundle, and a shipment will be sent to you in blind packaging. You can then taste each wine objectively and rate them on the app. This creates your initial palate profile, calculated by data science.

After that, the real fun begins—through various customizable options in the app (price range, ratio between red and white bottles sent to you, desire to discover new labels or keep on drinking ones you already loved), Palate Club gives you the power to taste and unlock more details about your palate.

Palate Club is the only company today that has a wine delivery app catered to what you like. Now you never have to worry about wasting time and money sifting through thousands of reviews. Now you do not have to fear experimenting with different varieties of grapes or wine regions without the knowledge to back it. Now you do not have to regret spending money on a label you don’t know, which turns out tasting awful, never mind the price. With Palate Club, you will only get quality wines from quality vineyards, and you bet it’s going to be according to your taste.

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