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5 tips to successfully move your company’s location

Moving is never easy, but these few tips will make it less of a burden to you.



Organization and planning are the key aspects to every job. Prepare in advance everything you need to do during the moving process, and the entire work will go much smoother.

You will save the precious time and money as well, but more importantly, it will not be overwhelming to you. In case you are not sure how to achieve all this, these tips will be of great help.


Items you do not need anymore, like office equipment, feel free to donate to charity. Copiers, printers, old phones, office supplies, and some office furniture will be an unnecessary baggage during the move, so get rid of it. You could only benefit from giving away these items, and recycling them.

Plan in advance

Last minute packing is the worst idea. Therefore, do not procrastinate but make it easier on yourself. A list of everything you need to do before the moving starts will be your best friend. Even when you start unpacking, at the new business location, a to-do list will make the process less stressful. Just check the duties one by one after they are done, and there will be absolutely no chance you will forget to do something.

Packing electronics

Packing printers, fax machines and other electronics with toners or inks require a special attention. Pack the cartridges in a plastic bag and seal it well. Put the bag in the same box with the piece of equipment, so you do not mix them with other items. CDs, DVDs, USB flash discs and other media should be packed carefully and separately to avoid any damages. The best would be to pack all the pieces of equipment in their original boxes. Antistatic popcorn or packing bubbles are recommended when packing electronics, so you do not damage the machines during the move.

A moving company

Hiring a moving company is highly recommended when you are relocating your business. Northern Beaches Self Storage will provide you with the best service and you will not have to deal with the heavy lifting, high cost, and any additional baggage. They will do all the moving and transporting for you. However, regardless of what company you hire, make sure to call them at least a month earlier. Moreover, they will not clean the filing cabinet, a trashcan, or a desk for you. They will simply unplug, unhook or pick up a furniture and put it in a truck. Therefore, do not forget to empty them on your own and pack the smaller items in boxes.

Label the boxes

Considering a moving company will load the boxes in their truck as well, make sure to mark them properly. This will make the unpacking a lot less complicated and you will not have to open each box to see what is in it. Moreover, do not forget to put a sign that says which side of the box should be the top, and which one the bottom. Fragile and delicate items should also be marked appropriately, so you do not end up with a broken lamp or a picture frame.

Moving is never easy, but these few tips will make it less of a burden to you. Make sure you are well organized and do not rush anything. For best productivity, do everything in its own pace.ff

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