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Alternative medicines and methods to boost your energy

Aside from a healthy diet, alternative medicines and ways can help restore energy. These include herbs, simple movements, and organic medicine.



Energy is one important but a fast-disappearing commodity that we need to maintain a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle. We require a lot of it to always be on the top of our game. We can use it to climb mountains, do theater, and indulge our hobbies during the weekend instead of crashing on the couch. And there are still a hundred activities we want to do assuming we have the physical and mental strength to perform them, after a hard day’s work.

However, energy is hard to come by. The popular sugary drinks provide moments of peak productivity but leave us to wallow in depression or immobility later. The higher your peak moments go with these artificial power boosters, the deeper you can drop.

Doctors have advised that a healthy nutritious diet and proper exercise can restore our energy levels. But it’s like a cat-and-mouse scenario. Running the treadmill can seem a monumental task when all you want to do is sleep your burdens away. And let’s face it, the knowledge that the salad in your plate is nutritious does not move you to chomp on it at once.

Alternative medicines and methods to boost your energy

Alternative medicines and healing can be supported by a nutritious diet. (Source)

Now for the good news: there are alternative medicines and methods that can help boost your energy. They range from herbs, simple movements, to organic medicine. Take a look at some of the examples below and see if they will work for you.

Adaptogenic herbs may take a little searching in the supermarket but they are worth the effort. They are different from other plants because they are not addictive, do not over-stimulate the body, but in fact work with its natural immune system to boost resistance and raise energy levels. Another advantage of using adaptogenic herbs is that their results are proven, going back to centuries of use by ancient physicians in long-lived cultures like China.

Truth Theory gives as an example the maca herb, or as it is known in the scientific community the Lepidium meyenii. This plant native to Bolivia and Peru contains huge amounts of iodine and supports the body’s endocrine system. It spikes your body with extra reserves of energy while reducing your fatigue levels. As a bonus, it can improve your capacity for endurance if you are going through mental or physical tests.

Alternative medicines and methods to boost your energy

Alternative medicines have more effect when a person eats and drinks healthy. (Source)

If you are more of a drinker than an eater, then veggie juice and green tea can be more attractive to your palate. Dr. Axe recommends vegetable juice because it flushes toxins from your body while powering your cells. It also makes digestion easier, which means your body can easily break down and absorb the nutrients in the food you consume.

Green tea likewise fights the effects of antioxidants. One strong health advantage it provides is it slows down the symptoms of aging which include quick susceptibility to fatigue. The next time you need an energy rush lay aside your favorite coffee or energy drink, and try one healthy glass of vegetable juice or a cup of warm green tea.

Finally, one non-traditional way to boost your energy levels is through diaphragmatic or belly breathing. As reported by Very Well, the ancient Chinese practiced this to allow the body to suck in significant amounts of oxygen that can nourish your energy levels.

Often times, stress, an unhealthy body posture, and a workaholic schedule conspire to make us forget to breathe literally. This routine is best practiced in the morning before you head out the door. During times of stress in the workplace, find yourself a quiet corner in the office. You may also compose yourself in your cubicle. If you have your own room, so much the better. Just lock the door, tune out all distractions, and just breathe.

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