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How to boost your business using mobile marketing

People check their smartphones 80 times in one day. Here’s how businesses can reach a wider audience to advertise goods and services using mobile marketing.



Imagine the difference it would make to your business if you had a massive online presence.

Simply put, mobile marketing means reaching and advertising goods and services to a large customer base through their smartphones and other mobile devices.

One of the best things to happen to the marketing world is the advent of smartphones. According to research, people check them at least 80 times every day. And since there are more than a billion smartphone users worldwide, it is indeed a vast playing field for any business.

According to the infographic below composed by AppGeeks, as of 2015, approximately 92 percent of people have smartphones, compared to the 73 percent that own laptops or desktops. A whopping 90 percent spend time watching videos on mobile devices.

What does this mean? If your site is not optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on a huge market.

Search results display differently for desktops, laptops and smartphones. In the recent past, people could not view a lot of products and videos on their phones. They would have to use a computer for this.

But over time, technology grew, and smartphones are now everywhere (and with powerful features). Furthermore, every business is striving to tailor its services to fit into the small screen of a phone, so that it is always with the customers, even in their minds. This will ensure a business that it is the first stop if a customer needs something it provides.

Mobile means on time

The key here is mobile. Nowadays, life is in the fast lane, so every business has to keep up. People need to be assured that your business will provide them with what they need, even when they are on the move. Therefore, mobile marketing goes beyond providing the right goods and services—it also involves delivering them on time.

Apps are the way to go these days. More often than not, people use them to go online. From Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to Pinterest and Snapchat, the list is vast. Advertising through these apps would definitely help you to boost your business.

Another surefire avenue of reaching people with your goods through mobile marketing is via mobile games. Games on mobile devices have a huge following, more than you can imagine. In-game ads, especially when they are consistent, draw a lot of attention. People will often tap on them, but even if they don’t, your brand awareness will still grow.

Utilize mobile marketing

What about email marketing? The vast majority of people check emails on the go; that is, on mobile devices. You will gain a huge audience if you properly optimize your emails for mobile devices.

The mobile marketing statistics are mind-boggling, and the infographic below gives all the numbers. Check it out to learn how to maximize mobile marketing and boost your business.


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