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Study shows cannabis has positive results in treating chemotherapy-induced nausea

Researchers uncover yet another potential health benefit of CBD from cannabis.



The number of benefits that we can reap from using cannabis continues to grow each year. Researchers are hard pressed on uncovering all there is to know about the miracle plant, and the most recent chapter in its story tackles chemotherapy and how it can make cancer a lot more bearable for patients.

Referencing a recently published study in eNeuro, CTV News notes that cannabis has the potential to combat nausea. Although there are many medications that are known to cure nausea, none of these are effective in treating dizziness that is a side effect of chemotherapy. The plant is suggested to be just as effective, if not more than, as the other drugs that are used for nausea.

The recent study also looks into a possible novel drug that can help promote the natural cannabinoid in the brain called 2-AG. This natural cannabinoid is responsible for the sensation of nausea, but it can also help remediate it. The researchers of the study used lab rats for the experiment, and they discovered how 2-AG activates whenever nausea is about to occur.

Psychology Professor Linda Parker believes that there could be a way to trick the human brain into creating more 2-AG. They aim to do this by providing patients with drugs that prevent the breakdown of 2-AG in the brain. Though currently in the clinical stage, the study is already showing strong potential.

More studies supporting the medical benefits of cannabis for cancer

The results of the study support the findings of a recent research published in Oncogene, wherein researchers from the Queen Mary University of London and Curtin University in Australia have discovered that cannabis was able to cure pancreatic cancer in lab mice.

CBD research
More research about the benefits of cannabis for cancer are surfacing. (Source)

The study reveals that mice that were given cannabis and a chemotherapy medication had better survival rates than those given the medication only. This opens up a lot of new opportunities for cancer patients who want to make their chemotherapy easier to deal with.

The growing CBD industry and the company that can support it

With the vast number of cannabis companies today, it is now easier to incorporate the wonders of the miracle plant into people’s daily lives. One of the best and safest ways so far is by using cannabidiol (CBD) products, which often contain little to no amount of the psychoactive tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD is the naturally occurring beneficial compound in cannabis. It’s the perfect choice for people that want to gain the health benefits of marijuana without having to go through its side effects like being “high.”

The CBD market is well-prepared for unprecedented growth thanks to the newfound acceptance and following of cannabis products. According to Hemp Business Journal, the hemp industry was able to make $820 million in sales last year. From these sales, $190 million came from hemp-based CBD.

A company that’s easily dominating the CBD industry is none other than PotNetwork Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:POTN), and its doing so with the help of its wholly owned subsidiary and distributor, Diamond CBD, Inc.

What makes POTN a cut above the rest is its dedication to creating quality CBD products. All steps in the production line are handled by industry professionals including medical experts, legal advisors, and more. The company also makes use of meticulous manual quality-checking to make sure that each of its products is in top condition.

POTN is braced to meet the demands for CBD. (Source)

POTN and Diamond CBD provide an excellent gateway to CBD through their extensive selection of products. They have flavored oils, vape additives, capsules, pet food, creams, and so many more. It should be no surprise that the public continues to support the company’s top-tier products.

Diamond CBD recently revealed its amazing revenue performance for the first five months of 2018. The company was able to generate over $10 million during the period and much of its sales were made through its online portal. Moving forward, POTN hopes to further solidify its leadership status by transitioning to a new name, BioTech Hemp, Inc.

The CBD industry is booming because of the cannabis compound’s many benefits. Its potential in improving chemotherapy shows that there are still other great things ahead for CBD and cannabis.

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