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CES 2018 updates: Power outage and new products

A power outage during the CES 2018 did not dampen the mood of the tech fans and companies.



Tech enthusiasts have a good reason to be excited this January, and that is the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the biggest gathering of tech firms to showcase their newest products.

The four-day trade show started last January 9 and is taking place at its usual venue, the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) in Nevada, with hundreds and thousands of people, as well as tech companies, in attendance.

For those who missed out on the second day of CES 2018, here are the stories that became noteworthy throughout the day.

Blackout at CES

In the morning, the LVCC experienced power outages in its Central and North Halls, according to The Verge. The electricity was gone for almost two hours. Attendees posted their gripes on Twitter together with some pictures of the venue’s dark halls. Visitors in the mentioned halls were evacuated by the security team as people wait for the power to be restored.

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) recently released a statement explaining that one of the transformers of LVCC had a flashover because of heavy rain. The organization showed its appreciation towards NV Energy, a public utility company based in Las Vegas, for its quick response. It also thanked the guests for their patience and its staff for keeping the exhibitors and visitors safe throughout the power outage.

Booths of prominent tech companies, such as Samsung and LG, and startups were affected by the power interruption. BBC reported that exhibits of car manufacturers like Ford and Nissan in the North Hall was disrupted as well. The rain, which was the first in Las Vegas in 116 days, also put the funhouse booth of Google in the car park to a halt.

CES display 2012.

The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the most awaited events every year for tech fans and tech companies alike. (Photo by David Berkowitz via Flickr.  CC BY 2.0)

Product reveals

Of course, the event would not be complete without any product reveals, and this year’s CES is filled to the brim with interesting products.

Willow breast pump

One of the unveiled products on day two of CES 2018 is the Willow breast pump. It is wireless and can be worn inside their bras; it is ideal for new mothers who are working and always on the go.

The breast pump operates without any noise and also has an indicator to tell the mothers the duration of the pumping process and the volume of milk they have extracted. It also keeps records of the past pumps that were performed.

My Special Aflac Duck

Aflac, an American insurance company, unveiled a new toy made for kids afflicted with and undergoing treatment for cancer, which is called My Special Aflac Duck. The company collaborated with Sproutel, a research and development company focusing on health, in the conceptualization of the toy.

The robot duck quacks and moves its tail and head when it is tickled thanks to sensors, and it also has some “feeler cards” that when placed on a light on its chest, it can display emotions that correspond to the cards.

Imec’s EEG headset

Imec, a technology company based in Belgium, showcased a special headset. Why is it special? It’s because it can detect the wearer’s feelings with the help of a technology called electroencephalography (EEG).

Aside from gauging emotions, the headset can enhance the wearer’s memory while studying. In turn, it can also play the right music according to his or her mood. The company said that including the feature of playing music in the headphones can help impact the wearer’s mood.

BeoSound Shape speaker system

If you are interested in audio speakers, you will love the BeoSound Shape speaker system of Bang & Olufsen (B&O). The speakers are wireless, and they are in the form of hexagonal tiles with many color options to choose from.

Their shape allows owners to arrange them in any way they like. The B&O speakers are also compatible with Apple AirPlay, Chromecast, Bluetooth 4.1 and Spotify Connect. Consumers can purchase the BeoSound Shape in August.

Samsung’s “The Wall” modular TV

Of course, CES would not be complete without any television reveals. This year, Samsung’s new product did not disappoint when it revealed “The Wall,” a MicroLED TV that can almost fill up the space of the whole wall.

“The Wall” is 146 inches wide. It is definitely borderless, and it also has high-resolution 8K, which enhances the quality of the picture on the screen and creates a unique experience for viewers. There is still no news about the TV’s price.

(Featured image by David Berkowitz via Flickr. CC BY 2.0)

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