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9 ways constitutional facial acupuncture helps regain youth

More people are turning to traditional Chinese medicine to relieve common ailments and promote better health.



Over the past decade, more and more people are turning to constitutional facial acupuncture as a natural way to diminish or eliminate the signs of aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags and sagging skin, and restoring a youthful look.

We spoke to traditional Chinese medicine expert, Dr. Mia Hanh Nguyen of Longevity Eastern Medicine, to learn more about how constitutional facial acupuncture helps bring about facial rejuvenation.

“Constitutional facial acupuncture is based on traditional Chinese medicine and has been tried and tested for hundreds of years. The benefits from the procedure include not only the restoration of a youthful appearance but also overall health because it also addresses underlying conditions that cause illness as well as the signs of aging,” said Dr. Nguyen.

Below is a rundown of the benefits provided by constitutional facial acupuncture:

1. Improves health

The health of a person’s internal organs directly affects his or her physical appearance, including the face. In traditional Chinese medicine, wrinkles result not only from the aging process but other factors including improper diet, over-indulgence, overexertion, and deficiencies of the stomach and spleen.

Constitutional facial acupuncture improves a person’s appearance by addressing the problems from the inside. For example, if a person has a grayish complexion it might be because of a slow digestive system, which will then be addressed in the treatment. This treatment focuses on making the whole body, not just the face, look and feel better.

The effects of the procedure have been studied in a clinical trial, and researchers concluded that facial acupuncture already shows “promising results as a therapy for facial elasticity” and further study is warranted.

2. Makes the skin firmer, fairer, more energized

During the first couple of weeks of treatment, patients will notice mellow, hydrated, and sparkling skin. Even after the first treatment, the difference in the texture of the skin could be noticeable. The color of the face will appear fresher and the complexion will become brighter, the number of the pores will decrease and the large ones minimized.

The skin will also become silkier and easier to manage because of the nutrient transfer and the boosting of oxygen. 8-12 weeks into the treatment and the skin will become extra smooth and feel like velvet. It will appear radiant and bright, making the patient look a few years younger.

3. Relaxes the facial muscles

The treatment increases the water and fat content of the skin, which promotes the relaxation of facial muscles. The result would be that the brow and jawline will be more softened.

4. Diminishes fine lines and wrinkles

The skin will become visibly denser and more compact, especially around the cheeks and mouth. Fine lines and wrinkles will begin to soften and flatten several weeks into the treatment. The face will look and feel plumper and the soft tissue underneath will feel firmer, tighter, and more uplifted. Eye bags will be reduced and the eyes will also appear brighter and more open.

5. Helps with other skin conditions

Constitutional facial acupuncture can also help with other skin ailments like acne, acne scarring, dermatitis, urticaria, chloasma, pruritus, and eczema. It can also help in decreasing hyperpigmentation, treat gum pain, facial spasm and palsy, and head and neck pains.

Constitutional facial acupuncture

Constitutional facial acupuncture offers other benefits than just proper blood circulation. (Source)

6. Enhances the production of collagen

This treatment encourages the production of healing collagen, the protein that is responsible for keeping a person young-looking. Collagen production declines as we age, making the appearance of wrinkles possible. The minor trauma that the skin experiences when the needles are inserted during constitutional facial acupuncture helps in producing more of this healing protein.

7. Promotes cell regeneration

When a patient undergoes acupuncture, their blood circulation in the skin is increased and it encourages natural cell regeneration. When needles are placed on problematic areas such as wrinkles or acne scars, it increases the blood flow and collagen production to repair these areas.

8. Offers a natural alternative to Botox

People who want to look younger or maintain their youthful appearance but don’t want any chemicals involved are perfect for this treatment. Constitutional facial acupuncture costs less than Botox of dermal filler treatments.

9, Improves energy levels

During this treatment, the acupuncturist grounds the patient’s chi and promotes balance to the body. Endorphins are released and the patient will be more calm and relaxed. The patient will be able to sleep soundly and feel rejuvenated.

Dr. Hanh explains that constitutional facial acupuncture is not just a purely cosmetic procedure. This is because the foundation of youthfulness and beauty is a healthy body, a mind that is optimistic and not bogged down by worries and anxieties, and a strong, free spirit. Constitutional facial acupuncture is part of a holistic way of achieving all of the above.

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