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Is coworking a useful global movement or a hyped-up trend?

Coworking is “a way of working” alongside others and has become synonymous with productive and stimulating work and shared-office environment.



Coworking is slowly gaining in popularity thanks to more professionals and who are choosing to work remotely or from home. It has many benefits and even countries such as Nepal are catching up and expanding spaces to address the ever-growing trend of like-minded individuals who are coming together in one single, unified working space.

Why coworking?

According to Coworking London, this is “a way of working” and has become synonymous with productive and stimulating work and shared-office environment.  Close proximity and connection to like-minded entrepreneurs and startups are part of its benefits.

The source above stated that in the past two years, coworking spaces have doubled. In 2016, there were 7,800 spaces allotted for this globally and 36 percent of new spaces are opening worldwide. In addition to this, there was an increase for those who have been using coworking spaces as their main hub for working. Compared to 2014 statistics, the jump was at 20 percent. Seventy-three percent of members work in a coworking space thrice a week and 44 percent would come daily.

INC dubbed 2016 as “the year of coworking”. The source listed several reasons why freelancers and remote workers are choosing this option.

Make connections

A shared workspace allows for collaborative work among companies and professionals minus the operating costs of administrative hassles. Freelancers, on the other hand, can get a second opinion or a brainstorming session to which they have no access to.

Lower operational costs

Coworking spaces have membership fees that allow members to share in office costs, thereby saving money.

Productivity matters

A lot of people who have joined coworking spaces feel more creative, boosting their productivity. In addition to this, they feel more confident in an atmosphere that openly fosters creative collaboration.

Environment conducive to work

Working at home can become a distraction—from kids to even social media. With a coworking space, it frees a person from these distractions and being immersed in a professional setting can definitely increase productivity.


Apart from fostering a productive and creative environment, coworking spaces can also come with plenty of perks. These include overflowing coffee, happy hours, even massage chairs.


Coworking is on the rise. (Source)

Of course, other than increasing productivity and having to work with like-minded individuals in a coworking environment, there are downsides as well with this kind of set-up. One of the disadvantages is the noise, which can become a hurdle for those who are easily distracted. There is also the lost time due to socializing. You could be worrying about what to wear. Finally, and perhaps more importantly, you may have to worry about having to share the internet connection, especially if your space is filled at maximum.

Solutions for freelancers and entrepreneurs

To avoid delays due to sharing precious internet bandwidth in a coworking environment, one of the smart solutions is to come armed with a network extender from 5BARz International (OTC: BARZ).

5BARz aims to deliver an unparalleled mobile experience whether you’re at home or at the office. The plug-and-play device is packed with a patented Smart Signal Processing for Interference or Echo Cancellation and delivers 70 decibels of signal gain. In addition to this, the network extender enhances signals within 4,000 square feet of home or office space and its integrated antennae mean that there is no need for installation.

Freelancers often look to work in new environments to spark up fresh and creative ideas and startups who are just getting on their feet can greatly benefit from a coworking environment. Despite the numerous advantages and disadvantages of it, what feels right for yourself or the team should be taken into consideration when looking around for a coworking option.

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