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Why delegating tasks actually boosts productivity

Some days, it seems the work is endless. But is multitasking the answer to finishing everything or is it time to learn to delegate tasks?



Some days, it seems the work is endless: emails, meetings, personal projects. We’ve all been there. But is multitasking the answer to finish everything or is time to learn how to delegate tasks?

Per Harvard Business Review, there are various reasons why people delay hiring for help. There is pride and sometimes, additional costs to consider. In the article, the tasks are grouped into six categories: tedious, tiny, time-consuming, teachable, terrible at and time sensitive. This would make it easier to determine which tasks need to be delegated and which ones are better off doing on your own.

Dealing with each kind of task

Tiny tasks are those that are not urgent nor that big but if left out they add up. These tasks might not be that important, but they still matter and require focus and attention. Tedious tasks are the ones that are manageable but require an ample amount of time. Time-consuming tasks can be delegated to others since they require time and research. Meanwhile, teachable tasks can also be delegated. You may just check to verify everything before delivering them to the team.


Delegating tasks could boost not only one’s productivity but also confidence and self-esteem. (Source)

Time-sensitive tasks need to be done right away. You can do these kinds of tasks or you may delegate them. Finally, terrible tasks are those that you feel you are unequipped. It is best to past them to those who can handle them better.

Inc. claims that delegating tasks is a skill that leaders must possess. Knowing what tasks are better given off to others are crucial in order to finish them faster. However, pride could sometimes get in the way. Some leaders are not keen on delegating tasks due to fear that nobody could do them better. When giving job to others, leaders must also be careful when giving instructions. They should be clear and concise to avoid any miscommunication which would delay the outcome.

According to Entrepreneur, employees also benefit when leaders delegate tasks to them. They learn new things, they expand their knowledge and their confidence will improve knowing their abilities are trusted and need to finish the job. Clearly, the pros of delegating tasks outnumber its cons. Asking for help means admitting that some tasks are better done via teamwork.

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