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Dirham Project: the World’s First Regulated Stable Currency

The team behind the project has implemented the dirham as a stable currency, the terms of the DAH protocol are detailed in the Etherscan smart contract. The next stage of implementation, a simple one-tap application (, is one-tap instant cryptocurrency transfer, regardless of network status. Habicoin (HAB) is a smart cryptocurrency with an individual blockchain.



The Dirham Ecosystem (DAH) announced the launch of the world’s first regulated stable currency pegged to the dirham (AED) governed by smart contracts that guarantee transparency of funds along with minimal fluctuation. Building a viable stable currency is as much a trust problem as it is an IT problem. While Bitcoin created a system based on cryptographic proof rather than trust, a stable currency fixed by fiat currency requires both due to its reliance on a centralized issuer.

For example, in February 2019, JPMorgan became the first U.S. bank to create and test a digital currency representing $1. As the cryptocurrency industry grows, other banks, financial services companies, and even governments will create stable digital currencies (e.g., central bank digital currencies), as will large organizations outside the financial sector.

DIRHAM Token (DAH) is a stable coin like USDT and others. It acts as a clipboard for exchanging and trading on the exchange. Determined by the value of the fiat currency dirham (AED) / dollar (USD) and protects against the instability of cryptocurrencies. The value of a digital asset is insured 20% by AED / USD and 80% by the issuance or burning of a token under the blockchain protocol. Full 100% provisioning of a digital asset by an external traditional real asset will be completed by the specified route. Dirham is now used as a reduced volatility token holder. It has a wallet, an exchanger, as well as the Dirham trade exchange (, whose trading will be open after the ICO on 19/06/2021.

The team behind the project has implemented the dirham as a stable currency, the terms of the DAH protocol are detailed in the Etherscan smart contract. The next stage of implementation, a simple one-tap application (, is one-tap instant cryptocurrency transfer, regardless of network status. Habicoin (HAB) ( is a single blockchain cryptocurrency, ideal for mining and “simple” on the network. DIPAY ( is a technology that collects and transmits payment information for online payments from customers to buyers around the world. All of this will enable the implementation of a large-scale project that has not yet been implemented by anyone else. These four components will work together to provide a unique mechanism for Dirham.

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Habicoin, an integral part of the DAH ecosystem

Habicoin (HAB) is a smart cryptocurrency with an individual blockchain, perfect for mining, guarantees fair confidentiality and decentralization, “easy” on the network with minimal fees.

Integrated hardware wallet and cold storage and a unique and individual Staking administration panel for each client. HAB++, open source and easy to use GUI based on an ultra-fast configurable C++ node and wallet backend. Supports send/receive via file, http(s) and grinbox. It is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. To transfer coins on the HLS blockchain, the sender and recipient must exchange verification information. In this sense, it is still necessary for Person 1 and Person 2 to communicate, but they do not need to be online at the same time for the transaction to take place.

Among other things, the HLS blockchain will use a feature called slicing, which reduces the amount of data in the block by removing unnecessary transaction information. Then, instead of recording every input and output, only a couple of data will be recorded in the block.

On the technical side, HLS supports the network and extends the concept of transaction confidentiality (TC). In simple terms, TC is a privacy tool that hides the amount of transfers on the blockchain.

Tokenomics, ICO and Roadmap

The total initial supply of 11,000,000,000,000 DAH would be distributed as follows

83% – Main IPO listing for use as a stable “stable coin” digital asset.
5% – ICO to Republican investors, accredited investors and physical investors for crowdfunding, (receiving a low price of $0.2025 per coin) and subsequent sale on trading platforms at a 25% profit (no more than 550000000 million). coins priced at $0.2025/$111375000)
3% – Rewards, grants and funding.
3% – Dirham Foundation, for engineering, community development, and marketing promotions.
6% – Creators, team and development
Session duration is 14 days, sale is available on Finexbox, Coinsbit and P2PB2B after the end of the IPO session.

Cost of 1 DAH in ICO 1 DAH – $ 0.2025
(The price is reduced by 25% when buying a DAH token during the ICO, for $ 0.2025 the user can buy; on the exchange, the user can sell for $ 0.27).
ICO Bet: 20/06/2021 – 29/08/2021 (100 days). The user will receive 0.8% per day of the coin volume for 100 days. (Withdrawal of profit is available). Also, this program will continue, but the price of the token will already be on the exchange. A fifteen-tier affiliate program with favorable interest rates: up to 38%. The user also has other rewards from the network: these are monthly rewards and accumulations.

After the development of the One-Tap application (this is a one-touch system for sending any cryptocurrency, regardless of the state of the network, provides instant transfer of payment, the received volume can be used in three seconds), The user will not have to pay the commission established by the application.


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