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Highly experienced Doctor of Acupuncture reveals the secret of beauty and longevity (part 2)

Dr. Mia Hanh Nguyen is more than qualified in her field of work, with an impressive experience and dedication to make very satisfied and happy individuals out of our patients.



The idea of beauty and longevity is certainly not the exclusive domain of citizens of the modern Western world.

In fact, the earliest pursuit for everlasting youth dates back to ancient China, 50,000 years ago—from relics of adornment, believed to be for makeup and visual enhancement, to various tea and medicines thought to improve inner health.

At the present time, the findings and evidence of the ancient Chinese wisdom spark a lot of interests among people today looking for natural ways to stay healthy and beautiful—both inside and out.

Longevity Eastern Medicine as a place for relaxation and holistic approach to anti-aging

Longevity Eastern Medicine is an acupuncture clinic in California that believes Asian medicine-based treatment is the key to enhancing the individual beauty of each person. Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine, Dr. Mia Hanh Nguyen, founder of the clinic, has dedicated many years to provide treatments backed by thousands-of-years knowledge, combined with modern and advanced technologies. She practices a quality approach to holistic healthcare and offers patients completely natural skin care inspired by ancient Chinese wisdom to take care of the total well-being for the face, body, and the soul.

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Practicing medicine in the modern world

Nowadays, the practical application of the archaic wisdom and knowledge is very much evident among Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) proponents, practitioners, and women who have witnessed its power and benefits on their own skin.

Q: Over the years, have people been more accepting and open to TCM? If so, what do you think is/are the reason/s for that?

Dr. Nguyen: People turn to alternative medicine when their western medicine or doctors have failed them. In general, people are more educated and want to take charge of their own health care these days. Most people feel a shift right away, from just a single treatment of acupuncture with minimal side effects as opposed to taking western medications.

Q: Do you think that the way TCM and acupuncture works will ever be explained by science, and therefore become accepted by Western medicine?

Dr. Nguyen: We are heading that way already as far as acupuncture is concerned. MRI studies can measure the small metabolic changes that take place in active parts of the brain, and see whether the responses differed. Activation of brain areas involved in pain perception was reduced significantly or modulated under acupuncture. These areas included the contralateral supplementary motor area, somatosensory cortex, precuneus bilateral insula and ipsilateral somatomotor cortex. All are involved in pain perception. The conclusion of this study is that acupuncture works for pain!

Q: The medical community in the West seems to lean a lot towards “evidence-based” medicine. In your opinion, how does this square up with TCM, which has a much longer history than Western medicine?

Dr. Nguyen: Chinese medicine has survived for thousand of years and will continue to thrive through successful treatments and through clinical trials. For the people that have relied on TCM to keep them healthy, clinical trials are not necessary. But western critics and skeptics need to be convinced, and clinical trials accomplish that objective.

Dr. Mia Hanh-Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and California Licensed Acupuncturist.

A powerful weapon in fighting the anti-aging war

Constitutional Facial Acupuncture (CFA) is a very profound and powerful process which helps the face and the entire body both look and feel more youthful. It includes the utilization of extra fine acupuncture needles and intradermals.

Q: Do you get some skepticism—from patients and non-patients—about CFA or maybe even TCM? How do you respond to it?

Dr. Nguyen: I have received skeptical feedback from TCM patients in the past. I have gained their trust by informing them of the many successful clinical studies that have been performed for many problems during human and animal trials. Also, treating people and letting people make their own judgment is always a good idea.

Q: What age is the most suitable for starting with constitutional facial acupuncture?

Dr. Nguyen: Everyone can benefit from CFA. When treating younger patients, the focus is more on relieving stress and other issues that will aid in slowing down the signs of aging.

Q: Is the cosmetic acupuncture treatment painful?

Dr. Nguyen: Acupuncture treatments should not be painful. However, most of the time acupuncture produces some sensation at the area of needling. Typical sensations are feelings of heaviness, electric tingling or warmth. These sensations are called de qi, which means the acupuncture point is working, and that is a good thing. Another way of thinking about de qi is that the acupuncture needle has accessed the energetic material that it needs to produce movement throughout the body. When that point is activated, change is initiated.

Q: Are there any side effects of using the eastern medicine for cosmetic purposes?

Dr. Nguyen: We do not treat for cosmetic purposes only. We treat the whole body, hence the name of our treatment, Constitutional Facial Acupuncture. Only when we treat the whole body and address the root cause will there be positive results. As far as side effects, patients have reported redness on the skin, feeling sleepy and relaxed, and occasional bruising.

Q: Is the 12-session/12-week CFA program mentioned on your website the standard procedure, or do you modify this in certain cases?

Dr. Nguyen: The 12-session/12 treatments are minimal amounts of treatments. Twelve to 15 treatments are usually the norm but are adjusted on a case by case basis. How many sessions will depend upon an individual’s age, excessive sun exposure, ethnicity, skin type, smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, stress, emotional psychological imbalances, and overall health, etc. Think of it this way: it took years for your skin to look the way it looks today, so reversing any of it will take some time.

Thanks to clinics and treatments like this, it’s becoming much easier for people everywhere to achieve beautiful, young and radiant skin without going under the knife or being exposed to harsh chemicals.With its unique combination of treatments, Longevity Eastern Medicine gives you the opportunity to experience the maximum effect and benefit of a painless skin care regimen.

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