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This Instagram feature will revolutionize your photo storage

The latest way of organizing snaps is called ‘Private Collections’ and represents a new and improved way of arranging and categorizing saved posts.



With this new update coming from our favorite photo app we will be able to save our favorite photos without publishing them on the web. The latest way of organizing snaps is called ‘Private Collections’ and represents a new and improved way of arranging and categorizing saved posts.

This is not an entirely new concept since Instagram first rolled out the option to save old posts earlier in December. You can save a photo by tapping the bookmark icon underneath the photo and later on come back and use it again.

‘Private Collections’ gives you a choice to retain a picture to your own specific collection in your profile without anyone seeing it or without it being published. All you have to do is tap and hold the bookmark icon, and it saves the photo directly to a collection. Then you can create and name new collections or just add them to already existing collections when you wish to save a certain post. There is option to group pictures and posts into new collection, give them names or select few posts for grouping.

‘Private Collections’ allows you to store your photos without publishing. (Source)

There are other apps that allow you to do pretty much the same, such as Pinterest and Evernote but the private nature of the collections is what makes Instagram approach far more superior.

Interestingly, while Pinterest encourages more photo sharing with their boards which you can create with your own pictures, Instagram’s preference is more towards letting users store their collections into private albums that can be viewed at their leisure.

Taken into consideration that 46% of Instagram users have saved at least one post since December, it’s no wonder that this new option will be widely accepted and used, and even revolutionize the way we store and keep our pictures online.

Instagram says that ‘Private Collections’ are available as part of the Instagram version 10.16 update in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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