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Top 5 cloud storage services of 2018

The convenience and huge cost savings brought about by cloud storage services have reinvented the way businesses and individuals use and store data.



There’s no denying the fact that people and businesses will continue the trend of minimizing their reliance on costly infrastructure and hardware by storing their files and applications on the cloud. Why waste valuable space on your PC or smartphone when you can store all your media and files on the cloud, with the extra functionality of being able to share it across devices?

You’ll find a number of cloud storage providers out there, each essentially offering slight variations of the same service. Finding the right cloud storage provider really depends on your specific needs. For most people, this simply means finding a provider who offers them the most amount of safe and secure storage at an affordable rate.

Below is a list of the best cloud storage providers of 2018. These are top-rated services and all of them offer a free trial, just like a Canadian mobile casino, which will allow you to try them out for yourself before you commit and fork out your hard-earned cash.

Google Drive

If you own any sort of Android device, choosing GoogleDrive is a no-brainer as it’s already integrated. A generous amount of free storage is offered, with 15GB available to anyone with a Google account and email. If you’re G-Suite user or a Google fan, this cloud storage service is a logical and convenient option. All your high-definition photos can finally be moved off your smartphone and safely onto the cloud with the companion app Google Photos.

DropBox allows you to expand your cloud storage from 2GB to up to 16GB.

DropBox allows you to expand your cloud storage from 2GB to up to 16GB. (Source)


A veteran in the field, DropBox has become synonymous with cloud storage. They might only give you a paltry 2GB of free storage to begin with, but you can increase this amount to 16GB by simply referring your friends to the service and linking your social media. Their business subscription offering, DropBox Business, has a pretty cool feature that allows users to collaborate on work. This handy collaborative feature also gives each collaborator unlimited space in their personal DropBox account. When you sign up for a monthly subscription, you’ll also get access to advanced features such as versioning and file recovery.


OneDrive is backed by Microsoft which makes it ideal for Windows users. It is directly integrated into Windows 10’s file explorer which means that you don’t need to download an additional app if you already use the operating system. You can also use OneDrive with Microsoft Photo app to sync and share your pictures across all your devices. You’ll receive 5GB free storage when you sign up for OneDrive.


New Zealand-based Mega offers a very attractive cloud storage service that is worth trying out, especially as cloud storage is one of the best new developments in recent years. They offer a generous 50GB free storage (massive when compared to their competitors) and a simple drag-and-drop interface. Mega puts a huge emphasis on the security of your data and claims that all data stored on its cloud is encrypted on the user’s device before it reaches the company’s servers.


If you’re an Apple fan and own a few of their devices, one of your best cloud storage options is iCloud. It boasts tight integration with Apple’s platforms and is competitively priced. If you don’t want to part with a dime, 5GB free storage is all you’ll get, but you’ll need more than that if you want to backup your iPhone.

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