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Things you should try and see when you’re in Melbourne

Planning to take a vacation in Melbourne soon? Here is a list of our favorite spots to visit when traveling to Melbourne.



Queen Victoria Markets

This open-air market in Melbourne is an absolute must-see for those visiting this vibrant city, the atmosphere is loud and passionate! Not just a tourist attraction, these markets are popular with the locals, who get their fresh foods and goods from the vast array on offer at the market.

The goods on sale range from dairy, to vegetables, to clothes, to accessories and more—anything a local or tourist could wish for on a trip to a colorful marketplace. Just remember to plan your trip well, as the market is closed on Monday and Wednesdays.


Where to start, the list is almost endless—so try out a different restaurant each day of your stay and you will not be disappointed by the variety.

Italian food

Visit Lygon Street and find little Italy! This sunny leafy street is full of cafes offering high-quality coffee and world-class Italian food—do not miss this street.

Greek food

With the largest population of Greeks outside of Athens, you can get a great Greek meal in Melbourne. Check out the Greek precinct to find a restaurant to fill you with awesome food.

Drop by Bourke Street to get your Chinese fix.

Drop by Bourke Street to get your Chinese fix. (Source)

Chinese food

Check out little Bourke street to get the best Chinese food in Australia! HuTong has the most amazing dumplings, they are award winning with the locals.

There is so much more cuisine to be had, you will find anything you would like on offer in this cosmopolitan city.

Melbourne Cricket Ground

Billed (by itself) as Australia’s favorite stadium, it’s not a humblebrag but an honest review of itself. Built in 1853, and renewed a few times since then, it is the largest stadium in Australia and the 10th largest in the world.

The good citizens of Melbourne love sport, from cricket to Australian Football League – all are enjoyed at this amazing stadium. So join in the +-130,000 strong crowd when you’re in town, find out the local cricket or AFL betting Odds and immerse yourself like a local in the atmosphere of this amazing city.


Unlike Sydney, Melbourne does not have lockouts that kill the party before midnight. Party until the very wee hours of the morning in the vibrant nightclubs on offer, almost every day of the week. Clubs like Revolver will give techno lovers all the doof they need, the hip-hop fans should head down to Laundry bar on Saturdays for their jam.


When in Melbourne make sure to see all the sights, both historic or new, museum or gallery, bars or restaurants.

One of the best ways to see Melbourne is from the air, in a hot air balloon—yes, in a city! Waking up super early on holiday is not ideal, but the early rise is worth the sheer beauty of watching the sunrise of this stunning city while you drift over it. Hot air balloons have no flight paths, so you will truly be exploring this stunning city—spot a new place to visit!

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