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Top tech tools for a productive 2017

Technology can be your assistant in making your plans come to fruition. Here are some of the top tech tools that can turn 2017 into the best year ever.



Get that promotion you’ve dreamed of. Take the first step in building that business. Shape up and lose that flab to look your absolute best. Chances are you’ve made this new year’s resolutions in the past, several times over and failed. Don’t lose hope—2017 can be your best year yet. Technology can be your assistant in finally letting those plans grow into fruition. Here are some of them that you can use to turn the next days and months into your best year ever.


Jessica Kelly of News Talk recommends using Evernote to make one digital mini-notebook of all your lists. This roll call of to-do tasks does manage our day, from shopping errands, office work, wardrobe changes, even to nights out with friends. But most of us tend to put one list on one device like the malling spree is put on our smartphone while the workload priorities are set on our desktop. All these lists found in different places can be maddening and confusing. Evernote puts them all in one accessible, easy-to-search application that will help us keep our personal and professional lives in order.

top tech tools

Evernote is one of the top tech tools for this year. (Source)


Burner can make our smartphone contact list leaner, meaner, faster to access, and generally more useful. Kaytie Zimmerman of Forbes says it’s like a Snapchat for the endless lists of friends and contact people we have on our list. It helps us store the ones that are relevant to us now, archive the ones that we may use later on, and remove those that are not an active part of our communications. This can be very handy in losing stalkers and rejects in the online dating game.


Andrei Tiburca of The Next Web says Pact can finally help you keep to your health-and-fitness goals, with more than a little push from your friends. The main motivator is not those power quotes or endless notifications that urge you to complete your regimen. Pact can work because it’s practical. First, it connects you with other friends who are also challenged to fulfill their own new year’s resolutions. Second, it creates a commitment in your group to reward those who live up to their vows—and fine a penalty on those who miss out on a workout. The money—real life dollars, not Bitcoin—go into the common pool.

top tech tools

The top tech tools for 2017 can help you connect, organize and manage. (Source)


Penny can help you save a lot more money in 2017 than you did in 2016, according to Natasha Norman of Money Mic says that. Penny is not a list nor a monitoring app. It is a virtual assistant for the financially challenged. Penny will help you make a budget, analyze your expenditures, notes where you can use some financial improvements and gives you a heads-up in case you start wandering off into debt or financial limbo. You can always turn Penny off if her reminders become a bit too close for comfort, but that wouldn’t help you in achieving your money goals for 2017.

Full, seamless, and non-stop connectivity is a tool that can also boost your success, as all the apps mentioned above are linked to the net. A device like the network extender from 5BARz International (OTCQB: BARZcan boost dying cell signals and power them up especially in remote areas. Connectivity might as well be a new year’s resolution that you can make for yourself, to be plugged productivity and all at times as you make and implement bigger life goals for 2017.

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