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White Label Liquid (WLAB) is the custom producer CBD investors should keep an eye on

White Label Liquid (OTCMKTS: WLAB) is the top e-liquid and CBD manufacturing company that you have probably never heard of. Their products are the secret behind the success of many well-known brands.



White Label Liquid (WLAB) is the custom producer CBD investors should keep an eye on

White Label Liquid (OTCMKTS: WLAB) is a leading global e-liquid manufacturing company. It provides premium customized products containing hemp-derived CBD oil and e-juice and e-liquids for vaping. The products of White Label Liquid are sold to both big and small brands, chain stores, vape shops, distributors, and dealers worldwide.

White Label Liquid also offers strategic business solutions. It provides manufacturing, logistics, and market expertise for CBD and e-liquid manufacturing and private labeling. All told, the company is capable of manufacturing up to 50,000 units per day, in customized packaging, sizes, and shapes. The labels and presentation packaging can also be customized.

The e-juice and e-liquid products of White Label Liquid are available in over 400 specially formulated flavors. These flavors can be recombined to form about 50,000 combinations. White Label Liquid is equipped to provide everything that a customer may need to launch, run, and grow a successful business in the industry of CBD and e-liquids.

Competitive advantage

The biggest competitive advantage of White Label Liquid is its two-week turnaround time. The company can customize any flavor, label, or product within a period of two weeks.

The specialists at White Label work with the customers to define their needs. Based on the identified needs, the suitable products are paired. The matched products are then manufactured to the highest standards of quality. The final products are tested for quality before they finally reach the customers.

The quality control of the products at White Label Liquid also offers it the competitive advantage. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and they test for pH solids and specific gravity of the products in their labs. The certifications are upgraded on an annual basis. The manufacturing of CBD is done in-house, and the company follows good manufacturing practices and adheres to all the OSHA requirements.

The research & development capabilities of White Label Liquid are also highly advanced. The company is constantly innovating and offers more than 400 flavors in over 20 categories. The trends are studied, and the demand is analyzed to come up with new products that are on-trend and in high demand.

Recent events

White Label Liquid underwent a merger and reorganization in the month of August 2018. Under the merger, the company has become publicly traded on the OTC exchange under the trading symbol WLAB.

In the future, the company will remain focused on the development and manufacturing of e-liquids and the products containing CBD oil. The company is placed in a unique market and will continue to grow.

After becoming public, White Label Liquid (WLAB) will now be able to share the benefits of its past and future growth with the shareholders.
After becoming public, White Label Liquid (WLAB) will now be able to share the benefits of its past and future growth with the shareholders. (Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash)

Executive team leading the way

The Executive Team at White Label Liquid is highly experienced, dedicated and passionate. Its efficient management team strongly manages the business. Quality and excellence are the targets in mind for all the employees and the members of the team.

Chief Executive Officer of White Label Liquid is Yaron Elkayam. Yaron has vast experience in the CBD industry. Boaz Ajbonifoh is the Production Manager, Christian Katana is the Mechanical Engineer, and David Zinger is the Plant Manager.

The other members of the executive team include Okeme Hunter as the Logistics Manager, Tres Shelton as the Mixologist, Kathy Bunn as Art Director, Robert Blake Lewellen as Junior Chemist, and Jason Hill as Quality Control.

Looking towards the future

The future of White Label Liquid looks very bright. It is a unique company in a rapidly growing industry. E-liquids sales continue to rise and reached $10 billion globally in 2017. CBD is also a fast-growing industry with about 30% monthly growth.

As a member of these rapidly growing industries, White Label Liquid is positioned well to help other companies grow perfectly in this field. It offers customized, high-quality products to customers, with professional branding and white labeling. The company boasts of the ability to deliver the products in a two weeks time, which sets it apart from the others.

There are hundreds of products available, with thousands of variations and recombinations. On top of this, the company stays abreast with the new trends, technology, and demands and strives its best to meet these demands as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Overall, White Label Liquid is perfectly positioned. The company has state-of-the-art facilities and is poised to capitalize on white-hot CBD growth.

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