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3 benefits of getting a career counselor

Career counselors also aim to improve your overall life and not just help you in decisions career-wise.



A career counselor gives advice about your career professionally. Of course, they do it for a fee. But is it really necessary to seek the advice of others when it comes to your own career? Here are three reasons why you should get one.

A career counselor is an expert.

Career counselors are professionals in their field. So you can be assured that whatever advice they will give, they have considered other options and not just decide on whims. They have a process of extracting information about you and what you want to do and what you want to achieve to make career advice easier. They do assessments and pinpoint professions that suit your needs, goals, and personalities.

According to The Motley Fool, a career counselor charges $75 to $150 per hour. However, this depends on a case by case basis. A larger investment might be needed depending on the extent of the needed guidance.

Career counselors also do not discriminate about age. They are willing to help those as young as high school students to those who are middle-aged and experience struggles career-wise.

Getting advice is good for our mental health.

Stress is natural at work. It happens to everyone. But continued stress results to unhappiness, which leads to a dip in productivity. In some cases, stress results in suicide or death. In Japan, they call it “karoushi” or death by overwork.

When employees are feeling they are stuck in a rut career-wise, having someone to talk to and listen to your frustrations and rants can help. Per Fast Company, it is no secret that happy employees are more productive. In fact, workplace productivity shoots up by as much as 12% as a result of happy and satisfied employees. Increased productivity also leads to larger profit for the company.

“We find that human happiness has large and positive causal effects on productivity. Positive emotions appear to invigorate human beings,” claims experts from the University of Warwick. When you are unhappy with your career, part of the services that career counselors offer is to pinpoint the reason for your unhappiness.

Career counselor

Getting professional help from career counselors is worth the money you are paying for them. (Source)

Overall life can be improved.

Career counselors do not only give pieces of advice about your career projection. They can also give guidance on how you live your life. The Balance reports that career counselors understand that employees also live their own private lives and the problems that they have outside work can positively or negatively affect their performance in the workplace.

The Balance also added tips on how to look for in a career counselor. A background check is a must, and at least three references are needed to be sure. The National Career Development Association has a checklist of expectations, guidelines, and requirements for career counselors.

On the other hand, high school students from Sterling High School are getting a free aptitude test from Johnson O’Connor Research Foundation. The test costs $720, but an unknown benefactor takes care of it every year. The students’ manual dexterity, memory, and spatial visualization among others are measured. In the end, they will be given their strongest and weakest points. The test is not only for teenagers, but adults who are thinking of having a career change are welcome as well.

In the end, getting a career counselor depends on the needs and the situation. Some might balk at their professional fee but that is what you are basically paying for, professional, insightful, studies-based and unbiased career pieces of advice.

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