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7 Instagram profiles entrepreneurs can turn to for inspiration

Challenges may abound for entrepreneurs especially as they are starting out. They look for encouragement in these 7 inspirational Instagram profiles.



Entrepreneurs are the first ones that need a morale boost, especially as they struggle through the lean years. With very lean resources at their disposal, they have to contend with a fickle market, innovative but untried products, demanding and impatient investors, and a revolving door of personnel.

Financial Times makes a list of those specific situations which would have these entrepreneurs look upwards for a silver lining in the clouds or, better yet, bright sun rays of possibilities and solutions dispelling the darkness. Trusted advisors, mentors, employees, and financiers who choose to bail out can be one source of discouragement. Negative influences can drain their positivism and energy. Lack of purpose and the absence of progress can make them want to crawl up a wall. Sometimes, even the flood of email can be overwhelming.

Fortunately, inspiration is just a click away for these battle-hardened micro business warriors. Entrepreneur notes seven Instagram profiles that they can turn to if they need a silent pep talk, a source of encouragement, or perhaps even just a note of cheer to keep on going.

The instagram profiles of some entrepreneurs can be empowering to following, (Source)

Marie Forleo’s business training program might be the famous one. Her posts have been praised effusively by business legends themselves like Oprah, Richard Branson, and Tony Robbins. Digital nomad Alyssa Ramos’ travel adventures and free lifestyle are in themselves an inspiration, showing entrepreneurs they can have both a happy and successful life.

Mark Groves’ posts touch on enhancing an entrepreneur’s romantic relationship—without which, his life might even be tougher. LeAnn Rimes, Shannon Kaiser, and Idil Ahmed diligently post inspirational quotes. So does Lewis Howes, who enhances his messages with appropriate sports photos.

These accounts have been made by entrepreneurs for themselves and their colleagues. Their postings are concise, direct, no-frills, but powerful and effective. Because entrepreneurship is an ongoing campaign, these seven Instagram-posting entrepreneurs keep on updating their accounts.  

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